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Boot Liners for Numb Feet

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Hi Everyone..


I have Solomon Impact 9 boots (26.5) and ever since I bought them about 2-3 years ago I have been trying to make adjustments for high insteps and a somewhat beefy calfs.  After about 30 -40 minutes, my left foot (in particular) gets tingly and begins to go numb to the point where I have to take the boot off or release all the buckles to let the blood flow again. I have just cut out a portion of the plastic top of the liner and it seems to help a little bit but not enough.  I'm wondering if using an Intuition heat-moldable foot liner will help take the pressure off the spot(s) on my foot (especially the top) where blood needs to flow and maybe even my calf muscles that also have blood vessels that run down to the foot.  Can anyone give me some advice?  (The ski shop that has the liners has a boot fitter I can work with).

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gut feeling is that the forward lean of that boot combined with your large calf is probably over flexing your ankle (pushing it beyond it's range of motion) and loading up the ball of your foot sending it numb


before buying a new liner i would get a good fitter to assess your ankle joint dorsiflexion and get a measurement of the circumference of your calf at the top of the boot

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Sounds like the issue could also be helped by moving the top two buckles to increase the cuff circumference and/or flaring the rear spine at the top.

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Thank you., both.  I continue to try various remedies and adjustments.  Yesterday, I had a little more of the original plastic tongue shaved down on the top portion where the instep is located.  Also went to just one (fairly thin) sock, and moved the second buckle from the bottom so that the pressure was more to the rear than to the front over the instep.  So far it takes about 30 minutes for the tingles in my left foot to come on, leading to a point after about 45 mins to an hour when I have to loosen the entire boot to reinstate proper blood flow.

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