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Nordica Enforcer 2012 vs. Nordica Enforcer 2013 vs. Blizzard Bonafide

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It is probably not a great question and probably related to individual preferences, but here it is.


I am (not unique) is shopping for new gear (ski) for either this season or next.


I think I would like to go with either of these (depends on the $$)


Blizzard Bonafide 2012 or 2013

Nordica Enforcer 2013

Nordica Hell & Back 2012 or 2013


I have an oportunity to purchase Nordica Enforcer 2012 for really great price (around $400).

Basically the question is, should I wait for prices to go down on either 2013 skies or just take an opportunity and buy Enforcer 2012.

Does anybody knows what is the difference between 2012 vs 2013 (I've heard that 'rocker'), but is it worse to wait till Feb or March/April for better price?


thank you,


Oleg S.

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Hi, maybe you could rent those skis and give them a whirl then buy end of season when the good deals are easier to find and you know which best suits your skiing?

 You might get better advice if you tell us a bit more about your skiing- level? where? groomed? off piste? park? height/weight? what you ski now and why you like/dislike it?

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I am living in Bay Area, CA and ski in Tahoe (Kirkwood, Northstar, Squaw).

I am 39, male. 6', 195 lb

Been skiing atomic metron 9 171 or 173 since 2006 and no longer like this ski (they do have a speed limit and too soft as well as they do grip on hard groomers only first few days after sharpening edges ).

Skiing 50% groomers and started to do off groomers(off-piste) with resort lifts, no moguls (just don't like them).

I am advanced/intermediate or whatever... like level 7/8 (means, comfortable on groomed blacks and still learning to ski in powder... ). 


I want a ski which would be fine to go off groomers, but would be OK (to certain level, can not really expect the same ski to be master on both: groomed trails and off-piste) on groomers.


my Local Ski shop suggested Nordica Enforcer (they have 2010 in stock) 179.

I haven't tried any Enforcer or Bonafide yet, not sure if Kirkwood or Northstar will do the demo this year (i have a season pass to these, and may not get to Squaw this year).


thank you,



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179cm sounds about right lengthwise for your height/level, I thought the 2010 enforcer was 177cm but I could be wrong and whats 2cm anyway? I've not skied it myself.

 The blizzard bonafides are a great all rounder and get positive reviews on here, I have tried them and found them quite easy to turn (I'm a similer size and level to you) they had some life to them and handled varied conditions well without skiing me!

 Did you know there is a search engine on the top left of this page? If you type in the names of these skis you will find loads of reviews with a more technical slant than I can give you.

 The metrons really divided opinion a while back, seem to be a love them or hate them ski, at 173cm you may have outgrown them now and they may have lost any pop they once had, some reviewers described them as damp, whilst others swore if you found them damp you can't ski worth a damn! I guess it would suck if we were all the same.

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Oh I know that Blizzard Bonafide are great ski (they got raving reviews from almost everyone).

However, at $700 right now......, and I am wondering if by the mid or end of season it reasonable to assume that price will go down to 550-600. (BTW, last year these ski were sold out by mid December, at least in size 180).

Oh should I buy Enforcer 2012 not-rocker for $400 now, because even by the end of the season the price for Bonafide or Enforcer 2013 will not come down to like 550-600.


I honestly believe that either ski is great and unique in its own way, I am not sure if I will be able to demo them, unless some local ski shops are offering demos (which I don't know yet), and honestly, it would be much safer and prefer way to demo first, than buy, rather than buying ski without demo...in a perfect world

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 I somehow doubt you would regret buying either ski, like you say in an ideal world we would all demo first. I live in the UK, not too many demos available unless you hit a holiday at the right time. I was lucky that the resort I was on holiday in offered the skis I wanted to try as part of their rental fleet. Of course they were the previous years skis but as far as I can tell only the graphics had changed.

 Have a good season.

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IMHO, the Bones will not get cheaper. Too much demand. Doubt they will truly sell out by Christmas, but ya never know. Second, the Enforcer is a different ski, for different uses and users. If you want a versatile, easy to use all over the mountain ski that likes a neutral stance, let the ski do the turn, attitude, then the Bonafide's your ticket. If you want a strong big mountain ski that places some technical demands on you, wants to be driven, more oriented toward speed and variable to softer snow, then the Enforcer's your ticket. The 2012 still only had marketing rocker far as I know, think the 2013 has real rocker. But may be off on that, suggest you check with the folks at Start Haus for the details. 

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Yes, I think I will wait till mid season and will try to demo either ski (Blizzard Bonafide and Nordica Enforcer 2013) if I would find demo around. If I would not be able to find demo around, I think, I would ask at the resort to give me a demo ski which might be the close match to Enforcer or Bonafide just to get a feeling, if that is possible, and after will try to buy the cheapest in my size I could get a hold off (either one in size close to 177-180).

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Apologies Oleg,




You apparantly are not comfortable in situations requiring constant turns back into the fall line AKA advanced intermediate.


As an Epic sage once declared, 

"It's not that you can't ski the bumps

It's you can't ski, and the bumps prove it"


I don't want to tell you that you cannot ski, I just ask you to examine your intent, and real level of skill.  Do you plan on more off piste excursions that are usually above your skills?  It is true these new school boards DO make it ridiculously easier to venture where you may have wanted to go previously, and there is nothing wrong with that.


But when you develop the skills, your level of enjoyment in the terrain previously unavailable will exponentially increase with your comfort level in the more hazardous inclines.  


I recommend some lessons from someone who knows what they are doing(instructors), "good" skiers may have their form down, but translating it to your current style usually fails, where a good instructor sees you, then gives you constructive input that will have you comfortably bringing those tips back into the fall line over and over again whether it's smearing, drifting, or carving.


Then, a big THEN, with your nascent skills, you can truly ski off piste, AND look good doing it on whatever boards you click into.


Either way, you will enjoy the Bones if you prefer a surfy feel, or the Enforcers if you are more of a carvy guy.

I'm curious about the H&B, maybe a demo is in the cards.


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Oleg-  Firs tof all, neither the Bones, nor the new Enforcer is an intermediate level ski.  Just saying.  Forget about the old Enforcer, even if it is a good deal, you most likely don't have the skills to drive it properly (there is a lot of people calling themselves level 7-8, that category seems to be ever-expanding).  To enjoy the old Enforcer you need to be quite comfortable on Squaw-level blacks, its a stiff, technical ski.   The Bonafides will likely not get cheaper, unless Blizzard overproduced them; given the demand, its unlikely.  The new Enforcer looked like a great ski to me, based on dry land testing, it looks like a Bonafide with a flat tail - so presumably a bit more grip, and a bit more demanding in bumps and soft snow.  But the flex pattern and the way it integrates with rocker is money, just like the Bonafide.  


P.S.   Forget about the idea of trying to demo the "closest ski" to the Bonafide- its not going to ski like the real deal, no matter what the resort folks tell you.  The reason why Bone is so expensive is that nothing else can match its blend of abilities.  if you are hell-bent on buying  cheap ski you should not bother with demoing and should go straight to EBay.  

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I think squaw has a Bonafide demo (in theory), in practice it could be a huge waiting list for it, but I might try after the Holidays.

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Do the enforcers like to be driven from the tips? or do they prefer a more centered stance like the bones?

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The Enforcers are a modern design, that is driven by a centered stance. They are very similar to the Bones but I believe have a bit better edge bite due to the very little to no rocker versus the Bones with a lot of tip rocker. Outstanding skis, both of them, but I prefer the crud busting smoothness of the Elan.

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I had tried demo this weekend at Kirkwood.

Skied mostly at chair 4 (backside), chair 11 and chair 6 (for people who skied at Kirkwood).

I originally tried Blizzard Bushwacker at 180 (I am 6.0, so I thought that the lengh is appropriate).

But wasn't really impressed with the ski, they were soft and very floppy tips at the speed, as well as not very gripper. I am coming from Atomic metron 9 and didn't feel a lot of difference between M2 and Bushwacker ( I suspect, it could be my technique which need improvement vs. new ski).


After few hours on Bushwacker, I went back to demo center and asked for Bonafied in 180, unfortunately, Bonafied was rented in every size, so I ended up with Blizzard Cochise 177.

That ski was a little bit wide for groomers; however, in few inches of fresh snow on the side, they were perfect.

But, I felt the grip on these skies, I was able to do big turns, short turns with no problem, the tips did not flopped much and I would say that I love these skis a lot, so I spent the rest of the day using Cochise.


I would assume that 3 cm would not make a lot of difference (177 vs 180), but somehow, I felt more secure and relaxed on 177 then on 180, is it possible?


Since, I had never been on the market for Cochise, but rather thinking about 98 skies (Bonafied or Nordica Enforcer 2013), I should safely assume that I would be able to handle either ski and should forget about Bushwacker....

Or may be I don't need a new ski and should stay on my old 2006 Atomic metron 9 and improve my techniques before committing to new skis (I wasn't quite felt good on Bushwacker and Bushwacker is much more forgiving skies, what I've heard, than Bones)?


thank you,



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