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Looking for some collective advice, though price and availability may ultimately sway my decision. I'll be looking for something used first, then old stock if possible-- but will not rule out new. I live in Germany, but will be in in Western Mass and San Francisco over Thanksgiving and for the two weeks afterward... so I can buy in the U.S. too. 


Size/Weight: 5'10" and almost 140 lbs, trying to bulk up a bit more; always skiing with a pack, often with a shovel, probe, and beacon. 

Locations: Tyrol Austria*

Style/terrain: Almost always off-piste, mostly above the tree line, everything from fresh pow, breakable crust, re-freeze that's thawing up, skied out crud. Usually in resorts, so some back to the lifts on the piste, some bootpacking/planned side-country skins, and perhaps a few short tours (but mainly interested in the downhill and not working too hard for turns). I tend to ski aggressively and fast, but I'd like to temper that with options for something more playful...


Current ski: Blizzard Bonafide @ 180cm. Which I find rock solid and without a speed limit on and off piste-- actually more stable the faster I go. For someone my weight, the skis like to rail and lay trenches rather than make tight, finesse turns off piste, and like to stay closer to pointing down the fall-line rather than slarving/skidding out turns. They can make all turn sizes but I have to work the skis for quick, tight turns. I love these skis, and I'm looking for something to complement, not replace, them... unless the new ski does it all better (doubtful). 


What I'm looking for: A more pow-oriented, more playful, more slarvy, wide ski, with a pseudo-touring binding (Barons), for deep resort days, tighter trees, short skins from the resort, and part-day tours that will be focused on access to fun downhills rather than the actual touring/uphill itself. I don't want a pure pow ski like the DPS 120/138 or the biggest Praxis boards since they will still be used in resorts and I won't be changing out skis at lunchtime. *I will use these in my home area (Tyrol), but have a trip planned for late January to Gulmarg.


I've been thinking about a 5-point, newschool/fun design. And for that reason, and based on reviews, two skis that stand out to me are the DPS 112RP @ 178 or 184 and Rocker 2 180 (which has a 115mm waist). If I could find EITHER of these skis used, I'd buy immediately without hesitation-- but don't really have $700/$800 for skis without bindings just yet. I've also considered Bent Chetlers or Obsetheds. In any case, I'm looking for some collective thoughts on these and perhaps other choices I haven't thought of yet. 


Or am I being silly discounting the pure, ultra-fat pow boards?


Thoughts? Suggestions? Admonitions? 

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