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Looking to get a new jacket and I'm tired of turning into an icicle on the chairlift on the ride up the mountain. I'm looking for a warm jacket that has a helmet compatible hood and wrist gaiters. Since I can't find this jacket in store I'm looking online and it says it's insulated and has a helmet compatible hood. From the pic on the North Face site it appears to have wrist gaiters but can't find confirmation of this anywhere. Has anyone used this jacket?
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I have this jacket and it is very well made and has all the features you want.  But more importantly, what have you been wearing?  I ski in Montana and for the past three seasons have at most worn a merino wool T-neck base layer, down sweater and Patagonia Powder Bowl shell and my torso and arms have never been cold.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The thing is that I can get good discounts on North Face so I was looking primarily at their products. I ski mostly in Western Canada and it seems like everytime I go the windchill is insane. I currently have a Ride Snowboards down insulated jacket. It's really thick but doesn't seem to block the wind that well and the hood doesn't fit over my helmet which makes riding up the chair into a headwind quite painful. Figure if I can get a decently insulated jacket that blocks the wind well and has a hood I can seal up with I should be able to do ok with layering.
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The quality of the down makes a huge difference.  I won't even consider a down sweater or jacket that isn't at least 650 fill anymore, got burned once, never again.  You would have to get better than a 50% discount on the North face to equal the DNA price, but if you can more power to you.  North Face makes quality stuff, but if that jacket doesn't have down in it I would call it overpriced.

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