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windshield wipers

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Has anyone found a wiper blade that works well, or do all windshield wipers suck?
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The only one I could get to work on a Dodge van was the "top shelf" Bosch.
My Mercury Mystique(Mondeo wannabe) needs refills for the factory blade. The aftermarkets are a different shape. The "standard" refill works best. The "premium" ones aren't soft enough to give even contact.
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I have tried Bosch, they were ok but I still haven't found any that last a long time. May be I'm just going to have to stop being cheap and buy a new pair every year. I see that Anco has some new one's out. I 'll have to lok into those.
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It's for sure a once a year deal. However the refills I got at Car Quest have lasted longer. Their "Premium" ones with the teflon insert didn't work right out of the box.
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