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Uhuh!! :

Quiet and unassuming? Doesn't sound like a rugby game at all. Oh don't start with Engalan d, we'll be coming along with our chariots if you aren't careful!!
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being a meek and mild rugby supporter I'll be doing my best to refrain from any load and abnoxious behavior at tomorrow nights game...
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You've changed!

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bugger! scrapy game with a bad result. Bloody poms. Looks like the larger louts have forsaken the lager.
we'lll be baaaaaccckk!

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Oz, you have to allow them a win ONCE ever 200 years!

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Ho hum!! I thought it was quite a good game funnily enough!
Boring? Can't score tries? - good call there!! Unfotunately the media is having a go at us for something else. Oh well.

You will be back and I'm sure you'll be stronger than that.
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