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2010 Line Blend with Marker Tour F12

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I have the chance to get a 2010s Line Blends in 168 with either a Marker Tour F12 or Marker Griffons for little money for me...

I am a - as I think - very good skier (I am skiing for 28 years now - I am 30 years old ;-) ) and I want a ski for good powder days, but which also works on the slope for some hours a skiing day... I am 1,70 m tall and have a weight of  62 kg (around 136 lbs).


I would like to use this ski mainly for backcountry skiing with ski lifts in ski ressorts. As I mentioned before, the ski will also be taken for some slope skiing sometimes (as I sometimes go skiing with my family - and they're not so into powder skiing :) ) - but generally I have some other skis for the piste (elan magfires). Probably I'd also like to play around with the skis on the slope - some backward skiing and small (very small) jumps...but for sure not often, just if it's boring to ski with the family ;-)


Now I am a bit unsure, which bindings I should take...Marker Tour or Griffon? Is the Marker Tour stable enough to "survive" some small jumps and playing aroung on the slopes? I don't want to use the ski in the park! This binding would give me also the opportunity to make short tours (as I know that the Ski will probably not be very lightweight)...and that would be great.


I get the ski really very cheap - it was used about 6 skiing days (with marker tour) - up to now mainly for alpine skiing...


What is your opinion about that?


Would be happy to get any advices! Thanks and best regards from Germany!


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Welcome! I'm just bumping your post as I have no real knowledge on the subject of bindings, sorry.

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I would take the Griffons over the F12's any day, seen way too many people with broken F12's.   Marker says they've fixed the issue at the pivot point, so if you're set on touring do some research and find out what year those F12's are so you don't end up with the problem ones.

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Thanks for welcoming me...and the hint with problems with the marker tour... I''ll Check which years binding is.on the skis...
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Considering the skis are 2010.. it's likely the 2010/11 model of Tour F12s. (the first production year aka 'bad year')


I have this binding too, same year and haven't had any problems. It's solid for downhill skiing, including cliff drops or whatever else. If any issues do arise, they will be related to the touring function and likely caused by user-error. Just know, this binding probably will break on a knee fail (user error) while skinning.

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