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24 Heures du Mans

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Anybody else getting excited about this? I know I am, even if it is in France...

Normally I would root for the Audis, but this year I really want to see Johnny Herbert in the No. 8 Bentley cross the line first. I'd Also like to see "Mad" Max Papis in the top 5 (his pit stop at Daytona is still one of my favorite racing moments, and I will be a Max fan forevermore).
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cant wait to see it plus im going back home so hope to catch some of it on speed channel. I think the one of the Audis will still take it dont know if the Bentleys will be reliable for 24. Would like to see a non VW car....someone new like the Domes do well. Perhaps one of the ferrari's will give the Corvettes a fight?? maybe one will last the full race distance? place your bets!
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OK, so if you haven't seen the result yet, I won't spoil it for you.
I was watching golf today and saw a Mr Trevino picking his ball out of the hole on the opening two holes. Yes, it was bent Lee on first and second. After watching the golf, I bumped into my neighbours who live in numbers 3 and 4 so I said "howdie" to them.

Now let's see what happens in the Canadian F1...
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Only a few days to go.


Audi or Peugot?



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Wondering if anyone who has ever owned a Peugeot is surprised by this.

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