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Mx88 158 vs kendo 163

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Is the mx 88 in a 158 similar in stability as a kendo 163?
I've tried the kendo and it was a riot, quick and stable. Wondering how the slighty shorter kastle would compare.
This will be an addition to a multiple quiver set up and I have the chance to pick up the mx88 but won't be able to demo it.

Thanks for your comments

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These are both pretty short lengths, so I assume you're a lighter and smaller guy. If yes, then yep, they'll roughly same stability IME but very different feels. The Kendo will be livelier, less damp, touch more effort to initiate, touch easier to finish. The Kastle will be a little more fluid in fresh, bumps, in general has more refined feel, which is hard to describe but everyone notes it. Both have great grip and like to go fast. Suggest reading the reviews here, which are for longer versions of each, but otherwise hold true. Kastles are generally heavier than Volkls, but the 5 cm difference in length probably erases that. 


The biggest difference will be price, I suspect. 

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The choice between the Kastle & Volkl will depend on your skiing style & terrain preference. Beyond has already mentioned the refined feel of the Kastle - all true. The MX88 also have better grip on ice than the Kendo and stiffer to better plow thru crud. The ski has a amazing feel.


The Kendo shines when the condition gets ugly. The uglier the condition the better it feels. Also it is my preferred ski in tight trees and tight, deep icy bumps. A bit quicker and more forgiving. It is a extremely fun ski. It will execute short turns with a pop on demand. 


Last season at Squaw, my go to ski were the Kendos. It was a really ugly snow year. The ten days I spent at Taos were also mostly Kendo days (Tight, deep icy bumps & extremely tight trees). But on a sunny day with good snow (we did have a few of those at Squaw), the MX88 put a smile on my face that stretches from ear to ear and make me feel like superman.   


Agree with Beyond regarding the length & weight. For that length you should weight in about #135 to #140. If you are around #150 go for the 168 - 170 cm for both. I am currently on the Kendo 170 cm and MX88 168 cm. Had a pair of 163 cm Kendo beginning of last season until it had a run in with a rock at Squaw. I am 5'/6" and #150. My Kendo preference is the 170 cm rather than the 163 cm. The 163 get over power way too easily.


Hope this will put things in perspective for you.

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