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I initially had reservations about such an expensive ski, even buying them late in the season at a discount (got the last pair of 188cm MX-88 from the distributor).  But boy were they worth it.  The skis have a seemingly impossible combination of lightness, stiffness, nimbleness, and stability.  I haven't skied anything else that feels so light but so stable and powerful at high speed.  I ski significantly faster on the MX-88's than anything else in my quiver, and the only problem is that I need to remember to dial back when on my other skis.  Fantastic skis.

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I had the opportunity to "test" a pair of MX 88s at Snow Basin for Real Skiers the winter before Kastle "came back".  I/we were so impressed by the feel that we had to convince Peter Keelty to "get on them and give them a try".  I have continued to demo the "new" models each year with my top rated skis almost always being the Kastle models out of over 20 tests per year.  Even then I could not bring myself to part with the big bucks to own my own pair of Kastle skis until last season when I came into a great deal on a pair of FX94s.  Because they were so pretty and the snow was so bad until about the 20th of January I didn't even mount 'em up until then.  Once I skied them I never stopped until the season was over.  They totally replaced my other fat skis, my all mountain skis and even the carvers.  To be fair it was all Utah skiing so there was no boilerplate to be dealt with, and for the last day of the season at PCMR I mounted up a new pair of FX84s that I bought "right" on eBay just to have a second pair of Kastle skis.  


Last February during ski testing back at Snow Basin I took the new MX83 on my lunch run to the top of the gondola and separated and stashed them during lunch hoping they wouldn't be stolen when I returned from the building.  I found some powder, crud, hard pack and some groomed scattered with trees, drops, flats and steep moguls for my one run test.  Suffice it to say it was the best single run of my life.  So are the Kastle skis worth the money?  To a penny pincher like me the answer is yes, but, I will always search out a deal just to stock up on what are in my opinion the best skis made.

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I must say that my MX98s are pure bliss.  I got them for $500 used 5 times with some slick Head Mojo bindings and a trick Tyrolia carve plate.


Sure other skis do the same thing, maybe even almost as well for half the price.


But, the Kastle feel is indescribably delicious.  Like a Mounds Bar, their creamy sweetness is not to be found on anything else on the market.


Now if your technique is less about precision and finesse and more about power and speed, then you may not be able to feel this Emporer's cloths type of quality.


But what do I know?  Yesterday I took my new Bodacious out, and they instantly became my favorites.th_dunno-1[1].gif

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To be honest I have never skied on Kastles before but they have caught my eye both on and off of the hill. I have been racing and free skiing on Stockli Laser SL and GS FIS skis and am addicted to the responsiveness and overall feel of the ski. For being a race stock ski it is surprisingly forgiving freeskiing if youre willing to tame the beasts under your feet...


I was able to purchase my Stocklis below retail a few years back in 2009/10 season and they were still above retail for some of the other skis I was looking at. I decided to make the purchase as I had skied on a friends Laser SLs and was beyond impressed with the entire package. That was my first "boutique" ski purchase and I do not regret it one bit. I cannot speak from a Kastle skiers perspective but I am assuming the build quality is somewhat the same if not identical. As someone mentioned earlier it is deemed a necessary purchase if you are craving to have that extra something that may or may not be "all in your head" from my experience.... there is certainly more going on with the skis than in your head.

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Just wanting them is justification enough.


All of them are available for a reasonable price if you buy used, just be patient and keep searching.

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Interesting conversation. I've just received my brand new Kästle MX78 skis today, which I've bought totally on a whim. I've only just got back into skiing over the last year after an 18 year break, and when I started back I was still skiing my old kit - straight Kästle SX450s with Salomon 557 Sport bindings (in my avatar) and Raichle rear entry boots. In Jan this year I took my first trip to the mountains, and hired modern equipment.

Having decided that I still love to ski, and being fortunate enough to have recently come into some money, I decided to update my kit and, because my old Kästle skis are still so skiable I was determined to buy Kästle skis this time round. In the UK it's quite hard to get hold of them, clearly the price is an issue and not all retailers believe they offer significant value for money or appeal to a wide enough range of recreational skiers, as there are few models available from the handful of stockists here. Because of this it's impossible to demo them in the UK and I've had to buy blind, basing my choice on the reviews, Kästle's web based ski selector and talking to my chosen retailer's head ski buyer. It's going to be a couple of weeks before I have time to go to my nearest indoor slope to give them their first outing, and I must admit that having spent £799 on them (which includes the KT12 CTI bindings) I am very nervous and really hope that they live up to my expectations. I've not bought them through snobbery, the decision was purely based on how much I loved skiing my old Kästle skis and how well they have lasted me. If I'm going to spend that much on skis I expect them to give me years of service!

Regarding the top coat, back when I got my first skis I was racing them on dry slopes, training three times a week, and despite the fact that there are areas where the top coat has become damaged that never caused any issues with their efficiency or skiability. I hope that this is true of the new skis, although they won't be going anywhere near a dry slope and the first person to ski over my tails is going to feel my wrath!

I'll report back with my thoughts on them in a couple of weeks, once I've had a chance to ski them. Of course the real test is going to be my 2 week ski trip in January.
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Great skis.  Good choice.  Hard to go wrong.


Regarding the topsheets, the only real problem is they tend to chip along the edges of the topsheet if your base edge contacts the upper edge of the opposite ski.  Most skis will suffer damage in the same circumstances, but the glossy white Kastle topsheet suffers more than most in that scenario.


Enjoy your new skis.

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I have gone a bit overboard over the last 6 months and can attest that the Kastle skis can be had significantly cheaper than the sticker price. I purchased two pair from Dawgcatching at the end of the season for a steal (MX 78 and MX 88 purchased together) and then found a pair of the RX SL with the KTi plate and bindings for $600 over on STP with a 35 percent off coupon....patience seems to be the key...I have some def overlap but can't wait to ski all three and see which I spend most of my time on...will def report back....

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

Besides losing weight, it depends on which Kastle, and how tall you are. ...


If I run a 160 RX, it's a hoot for slicing and dicing, but loses some stability above 30 mph. In 168, more of a SL/GS hybrid, great do-all carver for a lighter skier. In 176, which I haven't tried, suspect more buckle your seatbelt time, still versatile but bit long in bumps. In 168, a MX88 is a wide race carver for me that's still more stabile than a light and lively 175 ski, but a bit too sensitive to crud at speed. Slays bumps. In 178, more purely a GS-ish big mountain ski, eats crud for breakfast, can feel planky at the tail in hard bumps. This becomes less relevant as you go to wider skis that are longer and have early rise. 



If you don't mind my asking, how tall are you & how much do you weigh (regarding your description of the properties of the ski lengths as you describe them)?

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Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

... I don't see how it is much different from which coffee one would choose: the perfectly good Hairbender blend at Stumptown for $12/8oz bag, vs. getting a grand reserve Ethiopian Kochere (best cherries separated from the rest of the crop) from Coava at $22/8oz.  Both are excellent coffees, one is a readily available blend, another a pretty special coffee.  The Kochere is more enjoyable to the right drinker, but to others, it is just a good cup of coffee, so why more.  Others like my mom would just add cream and sugar, so to them, either is too much money...


I ordered my very first pair of Kastles a few days ago (MX83s).  I'm sooooo looking forward to them this winter's season.


As it turns out, I like great coffee, too.  I roast my own coffee beans (home roasting enthusiast) and right now I'm drinking a Kenya Nyeri Gaturiri Peaberry with a roast profile intended to pull out fruit characteristics; I also have hints of vanilla & caramel & dark chocolate.  The same beans yesterday had more hints of chrerry & plum.


So here's my question.


Assuming I really, really love my MX83s, will I inevitably end up making my own custom skis???   biggrin.gif

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Well, you don't have to make the whole ski to make it suit your tastes a bit better =)


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I always enjoy looking at those painted skis.

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I don't like the hole so I did something about it!


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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Well, you don't have to make the whole ski to make it suit your tastes a bit better =)


That's cool.  Wanna do two more pair?

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Originally Posted by RatherPlayThanWork View Post

That's cool.  Wanna do two more pair?

Sure, but you gotta send me three pair, I'll send back two ;-)

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A couple of years ago I was looking for new skis.  I read a lot of reviews, and the Kastle MX88 sounded like the prefect ski for me.  But the price was totally a no go for me.  I ended up demoing a pair of Elan 888's, loved them, and bought them without trying anything else.


Last Spring, I went into the Start Haus and asked about demoing some Kastles.  They said that they don't mount them as demos because they are too espensive and they usually sell all their stock. I said to the salesman, "So, you just have to believe, huh?"  "Yes."


Well, over Labor Day, Squaw Valley was dumping all kinds of skis.  They had a pair of MX88's in a 178cm for....70% off!  At that price I am willing to believe.  They will be under under the Christmas tree with a big red bow on them.  I hope we have snow to go along with them.

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Well, you don't have to make the whole ski to make it suit your tastes a bit better =)



Oh no! That's like painting a Rolls in chartreause. (actually I really like them).


So they're supposed to "match" your helmet?

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Kaestle is the top shelf wine. some people can tell the difference.  cool.gif

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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post


Oh no! That's like painting a Rolls in chartreause. (actually I really like them).


So they're supposed to "match" your helmet?

Hey man, I only have room for so many cans of paint =)





Thanks for the compliment.  I think I'm less likely to lose them now and I'm kinda diggin' the shock value too.

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Did you put stickers on "my" (now your) skis? We might have to revoke your Kastle permit wink.gif

You ski them yet?
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I don't like the hole so I did something about it!
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Originally Posted by SportyandMisty View Post



If you don't mind my asking, how tall are you & how much do you weigh (regarding your description of the properties of the ski lengths as you describe them)?

I'm 6"0", 165. 

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Do you really need to have a justification? 


I don't own a pair, but I probabbly should, just never wanted to demo a pair knowing that I would then have to have them. Its better that I don't know what i am missing. 

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Shot from the gathering last season - me justifying the new Colby James West Kastles wink.gif:




But...  I don't own any Kastles.  I own lots of Stocklis though.  Kastle makes a nice ski (MX88 being my favorite), but deals on them are hard to find.  I've been able to land my Stocklis at significant discounts, but that's not my main reason for preferring them over Kastle.  I believe that Stocklis in general feel more powerful and smoother on snow - they also seem to be more durable (no topsheet chipping like is seen on Kastles).  Of course there are model to model differences, and maybe I really shouldn't generalize, but that's my personal opinion presently.


I applaud Kastle for developing a strong product that maintains its resale value.  If they were making crap they wouldn't be able to maintain their high quality image.  Whether or not they're worth the premium is an individual decision.


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Dakine  by adding that object to the hole, you have thrown off its Chi, or its Feng Shue, I can't remember which, but you are doomed, you have a hole out of balance with the universe.  eek.gif

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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

...you have a hole out of balance with the universe.  eek.gif


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First day of skiing at Nub's today.

I'll know if I like these things as much as I think I'm going to by noon.

The tip, mid and tail dimensions are the same as my Volkl Racetigers if you add 3mm to each dimension.

Flex is quite different though.

Time to stop talking about skiing and start doing it!

I could have made a mistake with the Duc emblems.

KTM (Austrian) and Duc (Italian) don't usually play well together.

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Interested in your take on these wonderful skis---and the conditions at Nubs.  It looks like my Blizz 8.5's will arrive todaysmile.gif Hope to ski them on Sunday at Nubs.  Have fun.

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post


What's interesting, though, is that I know of a few outrageously good skiers here at Jackson Hole who really don't have a lot of money and yet they ski Kastles.


It's great fun reading a quote about my old ski bumming buddy Chris L. on this forum!


See you guys in the tram line in late January!

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I've ended up taking a shed load of photos of my MX78s and my old SX450s today, just because wink.gif It's like ski porn or something!

Can't quite get over the difference not only in height, but also in width! Cannot wait to ski these! Note I have colour coordinated my Salomon poles wink.gif
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Oh, and the topsheet problem is nothing new... Here's the damage on my old skis (though admittedly they were skied a lot on dry slopes)

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