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how the hell??

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Just got new rossignol composite poles..I can't figure out how to change the baskets. Maybe i am nuts..help? Goin to Targhee soon and i needa change to a bigger basket for the pow!
please help a frustrated soul!
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Welcome aboard..

If you have the typical baskets of most composite poles. (plastic tips with steel insert for the point and plastic racing cup for a basket) They usually just pull off. You can warm them up a little by putting them under hot water and then just grab the basket and pull while twisting. They are usually pretty damn tight. Then you just twist on your new baskets.

If you are trying to remove the actual Tip/basket combination you have to heat those tips up with a heat gun and break the epoxy bond and twist the whole tip off. then Rough up the composite pole end and epoxy the new tip/basket on to the pole end.
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I was wondering about that. Going to try hot water right now..i will let you know!
Merry X-mas
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worked like a charm..stuck em' in boiling water for a few...popped right off..
*Now..if someone could tell me about spyder pants...*
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you're welcome.

sorry I don't know about spyder pants however stay tuned. I'm sure someone does.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day since it's now the 26th. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glad you got them off. You may also look at another option such as what Smith poles have. They furnish powder baskets that can be slipped on over the integral basket/tip for those days when you need a bigger basket. After losing one after I had taken them on and off a few times, I now secure these basket with a thin wire. This has worked great and I am sure you could easily adapt some of those older larger baskets to fit over any tip.
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Thanks for more input! I will check out those poles...maybe if i break these ones or something.. I got them for a pretty good deal (rossignol graphite passion) they were 50$..saw em at REI for like 70..
But if I break them i will check out the smith ones. thanks!!!
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What about Spyder pants? I believe that, unless they are WAY too tight, you should be able to get them off without soaking in boiling water. If you are having trouble, make sure you have removed your skis first....


Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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