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Mounting Advice

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I just wanted to get some opinions on where to mount some new Salomon Rocker 2 i just recieved. They are 192cm and 122 underfoot. I generally like a little more shovel on pow skis. I'm 6'3", 190lbs, and very aggressive. I was thinking -1 bit would love some advice! Hope everyone has started the season off well so far. !
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Have you thought about using Marker Schizo or Head/Tyrolia Railflex bindings or even demo bindings?  With the Markers you have +/- 3cm of travel and +/- 1.5cm with the Heads.  I think demo bindings may vary in how much travel you can get, but with any of these you would be able to experiment to find where you like them best.  That was what I did with my Icelantic Shamans and finally settled on -1cm.

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Having the option to move +- 3 would be ideal to dial it in. I was thinking of mounting some sth16's that I pulled off some other skis or some heavier Look PX18 XXl racers. For some reason I am not the biggest marker fan. :/
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