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custom fitter needed

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Hey Boot Guys,

My 18 year old son (recreational skier) loves skiing but avoids it because he experiences such pain in his feet within an hour of being in his boots. He has very complicated feet--bunions, flat, you name it! An orthopedist recommended Surefoot for him, but I have read very mixed reviews about how happy people are with them and with the value. What are your thoughts about the best way to go. We live on Long Island, NY. Thanks!

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Check the "Who's Who" section at the top of Ask the boot guy's for a list of fitters nearby. 

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thanks Mike, I see that Jeff Rich is the one recommended in NYC, I'm wondering if there are any other recommendations, for comparison purposes, and also anyone on Long Island?

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Truly good boot fitters are few and far between


Plenty of good boot sellers around (not a good choice)


There are several fitters listed up in VT.  If Jeff doesn't suite--- take a drive up that way and get in some skiing in the new boots and get adjustments if needed, while you are there, overall a good idea,  I think.



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