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Time for some new ski boots

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Time to retire my early 90's Raichle Flexon Equipes. The soft flex of the Flexons really hinders me in the moguls, and they are just wearing out. I really need a stiffer boot.


I am an advanced skier, I like skiing powder/off-Piste, moguls/steeps, groomers, in that order (no problem going all day w/o hitting the groomers). I am, 45 yrs old, 5'10", 165 lbs (working on getting down to 155-160).


Looking at these 2 "boot flex" charts, I would say 90-100, would be about right. I am not as strong in the legs as I would like to be, so I think 110+ might be pushing it.


I am basically asking for advice on flex, and recommendation on good boots. I am looking at spending $500-$550 max. 


I stopped in at the local Ski shop today for a sec and happened to notice a pair of these http://www.rei.com/product/839410/dalbello-viper-10-ski-boots-mens-20122013 The description on that page say 100 flex is "medium" and for intermediate skiers, a bit different description than the 2 other charts. 


Anyway, what do you guys think?



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Also FWIW, I forgot to mention, I just picked up a pair of Mr. Pollards Opus' at the end of last season, the lateral torque caused by the width of the ski REALLY hurt with my Raichles. Not sure if that makes a difference or not in new boot selection.

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Well, flex is relative and at best, only relevant for a single maker and sometimes not even consistent for that one maker.  Don't get too concerned about the numbers.  Saying that "xxx" flex is for intermediate skiers is like saying that a narrow boot is only for racers and only beginners have wide feet.  I think I'm a bit beyond being an intermediate and I ski Dalbello Krypton Cross ID boots with the softest flex I can get on them, which is about 90.  After a little bit of work by a boot fitter I have a pretty much a perfect fit because I don't even really notice my boots after they're on and buckled.  My feet stay warm and comfortable all day and I have exceptional control over my skis.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and check the Who's Who listing for a boot fitter near you.  If there isn't one listed ask either in the boot forum or here and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.  Whatever you do, don't trust it to a minimum wage clerk in a big box store and that would include REI.  Some REI stores might have people who know how to fit boots but I would not want to count on it.

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Alpine Experience is a well respected local ski shop that I plan on buying my boots at. I felt bad buying a lot of my recent purchases online and not going through them, I like to support local businesses. I am not so worried about whichever boot I end up getting fitting well, just wanted thoughts on good models to look at. My feet are fairly normal, maybe a bit narrow, but not a difficult fit. Looking at the who's who, Washington State isn't even listed nonono2.gif . 

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The Who's Who is only a list of fitters that are active on EpicSki, not exhaustive by any means.  As long as your local shop does a shell fit, buying local is good.  Since you've been skiing in Flexxons, you might want to consider Full Tilt, basically an updated Flexxon, or a Dalbello Krypton series boot, also a 3-piece boot but different from Flexxons.  You can adjust the flex on Full Tilts by changing the tongue and some of the Kryptons have adjustable flex.  Both have models with Intuition liners which are really nice.  After changing from a 2-piece boot to a 3-piece boot last season, I'll never go back.

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I am not necessarily loyal to the Raichle design, I have looked at the Full Tilts. Actually when I got back into skiing 4 years ago, I was going to buy new boots. My Raichles only had about 6 days on them, but I wanted to get current gear. When I saw the FT's were the same as my Flexons, I decided not to buy new. 


Do you really think they are that much better than other designs or do they just work for you? I was actually thinking of going a different direction, just not sure which.


BTW I love your response to "Terrain or conditions I like to ski the most:"  icon14.gif

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Oh no, I'm not starting a "Are 3-piece boots better than 2-piece boots" debate, that falls into the category of helmet threads.biggrin.gif  My previous boots, Tecnica Diablo Pros, often left my instep bloody at the end of a cold day when I would literally "rip" my feet out of them and unless I could put them in front of a heat vent they were difficult to put on.  They were also too stiff for me.  The Kryptons are a snap to put on and take off, the Intuition liner fits like a glove so they are warm and comfortable all day.  I might have bought Full Tilts except that the shop where I tried them on didn't have any with a #6 tongue and they weren't sure how long it would take to get a set for the Seth Morrison model, so I couldn't test the flex on them.  But, are 3-piece boots better?  They are for me and that's all that counts.

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