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Nighttime MTB rides

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I went on my first nighttime MTB ride last night, pretty much the same people I ride road bikes with on Saturday mornings during the summer.  I thought I had decent winter riding gloves and it was above freezing, but after about 40 minutes I had to throw in the towel because my fingers had become exquisitely painful.  It took at least 20 minutes for normal feeling to return after I got back to my car.  Any recommendations?  I have a pair of PI lobster mitts but they only make my hands sweat and really don't provide any warmth because of that.  I'm think maybe I should get a pair of Hestra 3-finger gloves for night time riding.  Even with super cold hands, it was a lot of fun.  It helped that the area where we rode is a place I often ride during lunch time.  I ordered a new light today since 350 lumens doesn't quite cut it when you're riding around 12mph on a single track through the woods.

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Maybe you were gripping the bars too hard since it was your first night ride?   I ride every morning, currently in the 20's and I'm only using some old kinco's.  I have the Hestra 3 fingers and it would have to be below 0 for me to pull them out.

Everyone's different, just keep trying different combinations of clothing.  Feet are my biggest issue.  Winter shoe's are expensive, but worth every penny.

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I hadn't thought about that.  I guess I'll give the gloves another try next time, probably in two weeks.  By then I'll have my new lights and will have more than tripled my lumens, from 350 to 1,350.

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Going out tonite with my buddies-weather permitting we have a regularly scheduled Wednesday night ride (until it snows). We prefer more "flowy" trails at night rather than more technical stuff. Unfortunately we've gotta poach-most of the local parks are off limits. We usually ride for about 2 hours then beer and snacks.


I use a heavier pair of mtb gloves with ski glove liners-seems to be good for about 25 F and up. I got one of the original Magicshine lights a couple of years ago-claimed 900 lumens. I may look at one of the integrated light/battery combos as a new helmet light and use the MS on my bar.

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Ive night rideen mtb for a few years now. Its a great way to make the most of dark winter nights, and its all about winter miles for summer smiles after all. here in the UK half the winter is fine for thermal winter cycling gloves; but when it gets to cold I wear a snowboard/ski mit. Might not be able to ride quite as fast in super techy terrain, but your out and smiling with warm fingers. In extreme big mountain snow cycles Ive put reusable heat pads inside my gloves half way round :D

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Rode last night and early this morning with a beautiful full moon. 

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try using hand warmers and toe warmers. I love em' for riding. the same packs used for skiing work perfectly. Just put the pack on the back of your hand (not directly on skin).  Also, if you are riding with thin grips the cold will travel right up from the bars into the grips. I have carbon bars and I swear they don't get my hands as cold.  Gloves: Wind block is mandatory and like others skiing gloves work perfectly fine. 

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Avid mtn. biker checking in from NH. Love riding at night, especially this time of year when it gets dark so early. I definitely get into a strange "zone" while focusing on the tunnel of lit of trail in front of me.

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