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Need of new Ski boots

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I am taking a trip to Lake Tahoe in February next year I have been looking at all the reviews of ski boots and people's opinions on Surefoot vs other boot fitters. 


I currently only ski twice a year most 2 x 2 week trips. I had tried Nordica boots when I used to instruct and currently have Technica dragons however I am always in pain... Over the years I have been to several qualified boot fitters and have always had multiple modifications but have always had minimal relief after modifications but constant pain and discomfort when I ski... 


The main problems are:

  • Very limited dorsiflexion 
  • Wide foot (about 10.5cm) and my toes tend to spread. Womens boots in the past never fit right...
  • I wear orthodics normally for other sports (yes I have invested in a custom footbed in current boots)
  • Seem to get cramping/pain in calves and have shin pressure ( I dont think I have wide calves and no I don't do my boots up excessively tight)
  • My toes always go numb at the end of the day I sometimes take my boot off and my little toes are white. (I have had my boots blown out several times therefore it is not due to squishing) I do suffer from cold feet and probably not the greatest circulation I constantly wiggle my toes on the chairlifts but does not seem to help. I do believe my liners are a little too small currently. 


I am curious to know what some of the boot fitters that I have seen comment on here would recomend for me and what recomendations are for decent ski boot places are in Lake Tahoe I will be staying in South lake Tahoe.





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Welcome to EpicSki, the internet home of all useful ski knowledge.  Seriously, my recommendation is that you contact Starthaus in Truckee.  There are two boot fitters at Starthaus that are quite active on here and they will take good care of you.  Good luck.

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Megan: Welcome to EpicSki!  Are you from Australia?  Will you have a car at Tahoe?


Starthaus is highly recommended by many people.  I think it's in north Tahoe.  Have you been to the Tahoe area before?

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 Hello! The advice you have already had is spot on, seeing a reputable fitter is what I would be doing too.




 I would also in your case go back to my podiatrist FIRST as you obviously have foot problems all year round not exclusive to ski boots.

 I have totally flat arches, my feet pronate inward, I'm heavy on my heels, my toes point up and I have extra bone in my ankle so I have a fair idea about foot pain!

 Sport shoe orthotics worn a few days a week, a couple of hours at a time are a whole diff deal from custom supports in ski boots worn 8 hours straight 7 days running.

 My own unsolvable boot issue had nothing to do with my ski boots (custom fit/custom footbeds/tweaked) but I found that out quite by accident.

 I had a routine appointment with the podiatrist to check my feet were still ok with my current supports and I found out I needed support in all my ordinary shoes, all the time as my feet had changed a bit with the weight I'd gained and then lost. I had to build up time spent with them in my shoes gradually over a few weeks until I was comfortable wearing orthotics all day.

 The next time I went skiing I of course expected the usual pain but it never appeared. Magic? Not really! Footbeds=great support to keep feet in optimal position for skiing which for most people is not that much diff from how they stand naturally in their own shoes. For those of us that need foot support all the time but are not used to wearing it, this position is so far from natural that, although the fitter has us in good boots, well fitted, custom fit to within an inch of their lives, they feel AWFUL although our ski performance might be lots better than when wearing sloppy rentals with stock liners.

 This of course may not be true for you but if you have got your boots bought and tweaked by someone who has a good rep and you are the only person seemingly unhappy with the end result then maybe it will help. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.

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Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Yes I am from Australia and should have access to a car! Should be interesting getting used to driving on opposite side of the road!!! It's my first time to Tahoe I am so excited I'm thinking I'll fall in love with the place for sure!

I'd never really considered going back to my podiatrist as I pronate inward more under sport activity but don't need them in my every day shoes or at least don't think I do... So might be worth looking into as currently when exercising I don't feel like I have as much support as I used to!

Thanks again everyone smile.gif cannot wait for end jan/feb! Let's hope the snow gods bless my first trip!
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I would not recommend getting orthotics for skiing from a podiatrist, unless he/she is a dedicated skier.  What works in a running shoes will not necesarily workmin a ski boot.  Either of the fitters at Starthaus can take care of an orthotic for skiing.

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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

I would not recommend getting orthotics for skiing from a podiatrist, unless he/she is a dedicated skier.  What works in a running shoes will not necesarily workmin a ski boot.  Either of the fitters at Starthaus can take care of an orthotic for skiing.

 I'm not suggesting the OP gets a skiing orthotic from a podiatrist. I'm suggesting as the OP has orthotics outside of skiing from a podiatrist, that maybe their prescription needs are not being met consistantly.

  As detailed in my post from personal experience, I found that although my skiing orthotic was perfectly shaped for my needs, my feet were so undersupported the rest of the time that they would play up in my ski boots which a bootfitter couldnt cure because actually it wasn't a bootfit problem. (my feet protested BECAUSE they were in a good position and didn't recognise it)

 Judging by what the OP says in their reply this might be the case for them also, a lot cheaper than getting new boots which might not actually solve the issue anyway.

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