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First Pair of Skis

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I am 15 years old.  My height is 175cm and I weigh 79kg.  I am an agressive rider.  I consider my self in an advanced level, because I can ski everything skiable and accesed by a lift that I have seen in my life.  I ski 50% groomer and 50% of piste, because I usually ski with people in an inferior level to mine. Altough, I will start to have more time in the park. 


I found two great deals in both a pair of ski and bindings.  I would like you opinions about them and I need to know if they suit my needs,


Skis: Rossignol Scimitar 2012.  I do not know if I should buy the 171 or the 178.


Bindings : 2012 Rossignol Axial2 120 XL ($143)


Does someone have any other suggestion around that price?


If the skis are 98 mm in the waist a 100mm brake would be enough?

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It would be helpful to know where you have skied and how many days a year you ski.  Being able to ski anything served by a lift that you've ever seen is relative since we don't know what you're seen.

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I usually ski 2-3 weeks a year.  It's quite difficult to explain what can I ski because I live here in Argentina and blacks are not divided in diamonds, they are all just black.  I can ski every one of them.  Last year i skied heavenly but double blacks were closes due to lack of snow.  I did ski a simple diamond and it didn't have any considerable steepness for me.

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The Scimitar is primarily a jib stick.  Is that what you want?  Or are you looking for a approximately 100mm waist all mountain ski?

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Yes I am looking for an all mountain ski in the 90mm series and found that these had great review and were at a good price.  DO you think they'll do well as an all mountain?

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Have you ever skied a full rocker ski before?

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Never.  Is there a big change?

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I suggest you do some research on just what rocker is and the various forms of rocker.  There is a huge difference between skiing a regular cambered ski or even a ski with early rise and a full rocker ski.  Before you buy a full rocker ski you need to thoroughly understand what it is and how if affects the performance of a ski.

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