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All mountain skis for Canadian Rockies

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Hi there folks, I am skiing my first season here in the Canadian Rockies and am looking for a good all mountain ski. I have skied mostly groomed conditions in Australia for the past 10 years and am looking for an advanced ski that will suit the conditions here.


I am 5 ft 8 1/2 inch and around 150 lbs. I am a little monetarily restricted so some good previous season skis that I might be able to pick up second hand would be ideal.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome to EpicSki!  Where are you going to ski in Canada?  Did you bring boots?


I don't know enough to help with ski suggestions.  Check out the thread below.  It has detailed info about 2013 Blizzard skis.  If you click on the tags in the right column, then scroll down, you'll see links to related threads.  Sometimes that's better than trying to use the Search function.




A place to browse is here:



Have fun shopping!

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Welcome to Epic.  That's great that you are now in the Canadian Rockies as there is a lot of fabulous skiing available there.  You state you skied groomers in OZ but you didn't give any indication of what you plan to ski now.   So, a little enlightenment about what your immediate plans are will help a lot, as will knowing where you plan to ski.

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 Hey Wade, welcome. One little totally off topic thing to bear in mind is just how MUCH colder Canadian skiing is in relation to Australian skiing. temps somewhere in the minus 30s are not uncommon in Banff during January for example.

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Sounds like you might be another seasonal Australian resort employee. Have fun and be safe. Don't do too much go wandering off in the hills before your sure where your going. Too many have over the years with bad results. If you are located in Banff there are a number of shops on the main drag which have used or demos for sale. Other ski towns usually have one or two shops that sell used gear.  Also put the word out with other staff  your looking to buy. Lots of seasonal workers try to sell their gear when they decide to move on. Some hotels also do "freebie" rentals for their staff along with lift tickets (which you might be able to acquire)  

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