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Ducks / Devils

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Well, looks like the Ducks may need some reminding of what's going on. Too many days off??? Marty looked good. Giggy looked huge but the puck still went in. Annother shot at the '93 KINGS illegal stick incedent during tonight's ROME show(those Devils!). Roy retiring tomorrow. DEVILS 1 DUCKS 0. GO DUCKS!
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Do not despair Kev and Kelly! If this series goes like the rest of them it could go seven...a couple duck sweeps excluded.
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No goals, and only 17 shots in both games.

Looks like the Ducks are cooked.
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Whooaa Nelly!! We've got a real donnie brook brewin' here. Giggy just looks at one go top stick side. Then Marty forgets how to hold a stick. YIKES!!!! 2-1 Ducks in the 2nd. Get Berman the hell of the broadcast!!! Berman thoughts anyone? :
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22nd overtime game in playoffs this season. I guess that's why they call it the second season. Ducks are 9 for 13 in last five minutes and overtime. We shall see.
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Thomas puts the lotion in the basket!!!!! I guess 29 seconds is what it takes.
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Oddly, one of the more impressive displays of goaltending skills I've seen is the save Brodeur made on himself, stick-saving that puck he almost knocked in.


edit: "berman thoughts, anyone?"

yes. get him out. bombast and labored breathing. in my opinion, he gets in the way of every sporting event he covers. nothing personal, he seems like a nice enough guy, but WHERE IS THE VOLUME CONTROL?

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The Devils are just keeping it interesting so they can sell more tickets. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
GO Devils!
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Ok, now we have a series again...just as I predicted! Lose Berman....We need a REAL hockey colour man...DON CHERRY OR HOWIE MEEKER OR FOSTER....OH, NEVER MIND!
Berman is a cliched cartoon broadcaster.
Nice to see les canards are still in play, Kev and Kel!
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Who was the great play-by-play announcer on the English-language "Hockey Night In Canada" in the late 70s? Can't remember his name, but still have some of his descriptions etched in my memory.

Does "Hockey Night" still have the same theme music?
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"He shoots.....HE SCORES" Foster Hewitt.

Broadcaster of Hockey Night in Canada from 1923 until the early eighties when he retired/died.

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The names came to me later. I was thinking of Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin.
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Game 5 is toast...have you ever seen so many junk goals? Send it to the net...somethings bound to happen!
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There were definitely two or three garbage goals from NJ, but the Devils outplayed the Ducks, no question.

I loved the end-to-end action of last night's game; so much more interesting than the earlier matches. Odd to see how both goalies (but particularly Giguere) seemed to be a bit off their game.
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Brodeur as well. As Mr. Pang pointed out Marty is a bit slow on the glove side.
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: What is garbage goal or junk goal ? :
Oooo I know garbage goal = 1/4 point and junk goal = 1/2 point [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ducks are strong at the Pond. Hope it will go seven. Unfortunately, I will more than likely miss the 7th game as I will be conducting inventory of the high quality and reasonably priced trinkets in my optimally located, high foot traffic retail shop located in the beautiful Squaw Valley, CA; open 9-5 Monday - Sunday for all of you out of town ladies attending the Women's Bowling Tournament in spectacular Reno Nevada! DAMN!!!!!
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Well after a return of great Giggy goaltending and Karia rising from the dead to SMOKE Marty top glove side, it looks as though even the anouncers may think the DUCKS have a chance. WHAT?!?
Melrose, Fat Man, Clement openly talking in favor of the Ducks?!? Comments like,"the Devils roster is full of MVP's but the Ducks just have Giggy", & "the Devils will have the full 2 minutes of this power play, if they need it" have suddenly come to a "stop feeding me things to say and let me call the series AS I SEE IT" stop. Yea the Devils are a great team with a history of winning the Cup, but you can only be blind to the accomplishments of the Ducks and players like Ruchin, Giguerre, Oats and others for so long. I hope that this is the year for us long suffering Orange County California Sports fans to finally have a couple of things to be happy about. GO DUCKS!!!
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Game 6...possibly the most compelling of the season thus far. Very few junk goals...
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Go Ducks. I like stupid birds.
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Sorry, Charlie.

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Hey Giggy gets the Conn Smythe...only 5 times has it been awarded to a player from the losing team...and only once to a non-goaltender...Reggie Leach. Good on ya G.S.
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Giggy was about in tears at games end.
The Ducks were not on last night, that's for sure. The NJ team is always tough in the corners, and in front of the net.

Oh Well, Sports!

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Oh well, I like stupid, flightless birds better any ways 'cept them glory days are long gone. I could always tune into the Rangers games and listen to the play by play guy call out names and imagine they're all still on the Pens but the Ranger suck too. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

It was a good series. The Devils were on their game and won convincingly. All you Devil fans, bask in the glory 'cause it was all because of you. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Bryan Murray has done a great job with this team. I remember watching my mom, a few years back, at an Angel game walk right up to the former GM of the Ducks and tell him to his face that firing Ron Wilson was a huge mistake and he was not able to see past his nose when it came to putting a quality team together. I think it was Tony Tevarras. Anyway, Murray has brought quality hockey back to SO Cal and the Kings better stand up an take notice! No more 99 cent Store hockey at Staples! Lets get it together Kings and put a quality team out there or your fans will be migrating south for the season! It's a small world after all. Con Smythe for Giggy!!!!!!Robin, talk to you soon. K&K
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