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1 PM a day limit?

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This just showed up on my account, a 1 PM per day limit.  It this a temporary bug?  

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If you got two messages from me, DC, it means it only applies to you.  

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The message is definitely a bug, and I will contact support after I check your user groups permissions.  It may be the error is coming from one of the groups you are in. 


Are you actually experiencing a limit on the number of PMs you can send, or is it just the message at the top of the inbox page?


"You have reached your daily allotment of 1 private message per day. Note that multiple recipients of the same message each count toward your limit."

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Okay, I think I found the problem.  The Insider Badge was associated with a 1- PM limit for some reason.  Let me know if you see the problem still.

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