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Atomic Access More Like Boafide or S3?

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How do the 2012 Atomic Access compare to the likes of a Bonafide or an S3?  Somewhere in the middle?  Damp and stable or light and playful?  I am looking for a 100mm ski and was wondering if this one might fit the bill.  Also, considering the Prophet 98.  Something that will do the soft snow best, but will hold its own on the groomers.




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I'm by no means an expert but this little piece of info may help.  I own the Access and it is extremely light weight and very easy to flex with no metal in it.  You just have to pick it up to see it isn't a burly stiff ski at all.  I haven't skied the others but surely it is in the light and playful category, probably not a good choice for a heavier and/or aggressive skier.

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Well, it depends on your ability and what you are looking for...  I own the Access and have skied the Bones -- for me, they are both great in soft snow, with the Bonafide being marginally more stable in cut up snow and crud.  I would be happy owning either one.  I havr not skied the S3.  I am 5'11", 175lbs, level 8 skier.  I agree that a lighter skier may like the Access more (and it is hard to beat the price on them!).  Length will certainly make a big difference as well -- my Access is 181cm, and I ski all the skis in this class in a similar length.  I know that there are many people my size that ski these longer.  I ski a lot of bumps and trees and sacrifice the additional float of a longer ski for maneuverability.

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Of the 4 skis you've mentioned, I've tried all but the Bonafide.  What I liked in order of preference were;


1- Atomic Access (Pretty fun, nimble forgiving ski - also great bang for the buck!)

2- Line Prophet 98 (A little stiffer, more stable ski...still fun, tho)

3- Rossignol S3 (I didn't care for this one, but I had it on a really firm day, which likely colored my opinion)


I ended up getting one that topped them all, though.  

The 4FRNT Cody is a directional twin-tip, semi-cap ski that is 100 underfoot in 179.  (102 in the next longer and 98 in the next shorter lengths)  It's a lighter "feeling" ski that is super nimble, playful, and quick.  It's great in fresh and cut-up powder, trees, and other tight spots.


I'm 5'10 & 175lbs, advanced (High 7/Low 8) skier, and if I hadn't found the Cody (or 2nd choice, the Turbo), I would've likely gone with the Atomic Access.  


Have fun choosing! 

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