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Annika Sorenstam

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Will she make the cut?
How many men will she beat?
Why is so much of golf so afraid of the 21st century?

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Hope she makes the cut and plays to the best of her ability. Golf needs to get on with it.
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If she's good enough, then she's good enough. If not, then not. Her gender shouldn't be an issue, anyone that makes it one - whether pushing for her to be in the mens tournaments, or for her to be in the women's is creating a problem, not trying to solve one.

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71, one over, after first round.


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She'll make the cut. And then the pressure will be on the men behind her.....
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Was it an accident that they paired her w/ #162 in driving distance?
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Speaking of driving distance...

"...nervous as craig stadler at a cannibal convention."

now THAT'S funny.

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personally I hope she does well. (although I would have rather seen Karrie in it too) One over isn't too bad and after the nerves of the opening round have gone hopefully she can put her mind on playing some good golf.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
So, when will the men be allowed to play in the LPGA, or does sexism not apply in that case?

nOt gonna happen, the LPGA has a stipulation that to play on it "You must have been born a woman". No joke, it goes back to the tennis thing with Renee Richardsons.
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So, the PGA is forced by sponsors and others to allow women to play, but the LPGA bans men from playing?

That sounds a lot like sexism to me. I don't hear too many feminists complaining about that one. If there is to be equality, then it has to work both ways. If the claim is that the PGA is the best in the world, then that's saying the LPGA isn't as good. It's a second division to the PGA's first division. If that's the case, then if the best women move up to play in the PGA, the lowest finishing men should be moved down to play in the LPGA. This gives people (of either sex) a chance to play with others of a similar ability, and if they're good enough, to win.


Now, what's the next problem?

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
So,.... blah, blah...

Now, what's the next problem?

That seemed easy, so making the move to the base of LCC shouldn't be too tough... Isn't that the next one? ; )

( hint: slumlord )
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Exit, you've lost me on that one!

Help? :


P.S. Is LCC any of the following:
Leadless Chip Carrier
La Consolacion College (Manila, Philippines)
Lakewood Country Club (Thailand)
Land Component Commander
Landing Craft, Control
Landing Ship Command & Control
Lane Community College
Lansing Community College (Lansing, MI)
Large Canterbury Corpus
Launch Commit Criteria
Launch Control Center
Law Commission of Canada
Lawrence Career College
Leaded Chip Carrier (less common)
Leadership Core Curricula
Leadership Correspondence Course (International Order of DeMolay)
Lee County Central Railroad
Leeds City Council (UK)
Leeward Community College (Hawaii)
Lethbridge Community College (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)
Levelized Compiled-Code
Lexington Community College (Kentucky)
Lie Coordination Committee
Life Cycle Cost/ing
Limited Capability Configuration
Lincoln Chiropractic College (Indianapolis, IN, USA)
Line Class Code
List Carbon Copy
Little C Compiler
Local Call Charges
Local Composition Control
Local Control Center
Log Cabin Club
Logical Control Cell
Logistics Control Center
Logistics Control Code
Logistics Coordination Cell
Logistics Coordination Center
London County Council (England, now obsolete)
Longview Community College (Missouri)
Low Complexity Code
Low Cost Carrier
Lower Columbia College (Longview, WA)
Lycée Collège des Creusets

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She plays via sponsor's exemption. The sponsor, by the way, puts up the money the players play for. Maybe this will generate some publicity? Answer: yes. A lot. Men and women and non-golfers are suddenly interested in people chasing a little white ball around somewhere near Fort Worth. People read the paper, tune in to watch, or follow a thread in a ski forum. Interest is generated. Et cetera.
Golf makes a wise (or shrewd) investment in itself. More people, men or women, interested in golf means more viewership, for one, which translates to larger sponsorships, which translates to more tournaments, larger purses and bigger checks in players' pockets. Period.
To make this about sexism ignores the larger point. In the end, the players, as players (unions) in other sports will have to realize at some point, must see that what is good for the game is good for them.

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Are you calling AltaSkier my slumlord?

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Annika played a machine like round. If she had putted like she is capable, I think she'd be in contention right now. Her one primary swing thought for the day is one for everybody. Easy from the top....

Looking forward to her round today.
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Deja vu?
Check out the latest poll.
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So, when will the men be allowed to play in the LPGA, or does sexism not apply in that case?

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You truly exemplify grace under pressure and gave us a wonderful week. We can only imagine the internal and external pressures you endured.

From all of us who play and teach the game for a living-Well Done and Thank You!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Annika played incredible the first day, I think due to the fact she was nervous she didn't have a good feel for putting though. Her stroke was a little off today, but overall I think she showed people how well she can play.

Bank of America put up $7-8 million to sponsor the event, it was a great PR move to invite Annika, after all, sports are about entertainment and it was very entertaining to watch. First golf tourney I've watched during the week in ages. Great job Annika!
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I'm looking forward to watching the young Asian girl I saw on TV a couple weeks ago's career develop. Sorry I can't remember her name, but I'm sure you golf nuts will know who I'm talking about. I think they said she is about 13, she's very tall and though I am not a great golf fan when I saw her swing it struck me as being the most smooth, fluid, effortless, gracefull, athletic and beatiful golf strokes I've ever seen. And they said she consistently hits her drives over 300 yards. Where Annika was a novelty for competing against the guys, I could see this girl eventually beating most of those pot belly old men posing as athletes.
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Se Ri Pak.

She is 5'5" and hits the ball harder than most non-pro men. She is a delight to watch.
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Se ri Pak isn't 13 though and has already established herself as someone to be reckoned with on the LPGA tour. Must be someone else.
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You are referring to 13 year old Michelle Wie who regularly bangs out 300 yard drives. She just missed qualifiying for the PGA's Sony Open this year by one stroke (most tour events have a Monday "four spotter" qualifier allowing golfers to play a one round event with the low four gaining entry into the tournament).

She has a sponsors exemption to play in a Nationwide Tour event later this summer-I think it is the Boise Open. The Nationwide Tour is basically "triple A" ball, a notch below the quality of the big show. Paraphrasing the ad -"these guys (and girls-added by Ski&Golf) are good-way good", regardless of which tour they play, PGA, LPGA, Nationwide or Champions.

As I tell my ski students-in my next life I want to play on the PGA tour-Big Bag guy coming through-it's warmer and the pay is much better.
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Originally posted by Ski&Golf:
You are referring to 13 year old Michelle Wie who regularly bangs out 300 yard drives. She just missed qualifiying for the PGA's Sony Open this year by one
Yep, that was the name. She looks like quite a talent to my untrained eye. Thanks for the info S&G, I'll be keeping an eye on her.
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