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Any suggestions

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I will be traveling to the Bahamas in the month of July (niece's wedding is there and dictated the time I must go). I was wondering if anyone could make suggestions as to things I should try and places I should go while I am there. I really have not done many water sports (I am an excellent swimmer, however).

Also, I have NEVER flown in my life before. Is there anything you could suggest that might help me with this.
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as most choose to head south for saltwater fishing in the winter, I may be 6mos off with this info, but if the sun isn't too hot....try a little fishing, with a flyrod(for bonefish) or out in a larger boat with larger rod(for sailfish/marlin?). [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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are you scared of flying? or just have never experienced it?
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Go snorkeling! Terry
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