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Where do you ski your Kastles? (binding position)

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Binding position can really change how a ski feels and performs. 


Many pre 2013 Kastles have K (Marker) bindings that can be adjusted for and aft.


What is your experience with adjusting them?  Are some positions better for some models or skier types or genders?

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Really depends on your size and style. Suggest search for Noodler's thread on mounting position, also some good stuff here on BOF (Ball of Foot) mounts. As a lighter weight serial Kastle user, have found that they ski long, generally like the mount 1-2 cm ahead of factory line, which is still slightly behind BOF. If you're a big guy, you may like them on the line. If you're a small woman, you may prefer 2+ cm ahead for the beefier models like the MX's. Haven't heard of anyone who likes the mount behind the factory line, but who knows...

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

have found that they ski long,

Very, very true. Unfortunate that they only come in 10cm increments as I'm a tweener, typically going the shorter length. The MX83 in 174 was perfect, but I was going for the MX88 in either 168 or 178....



Ahh, first world problems.

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Have mine all mounted on the line. They ski great. Maybe they would be better elsewhere, but without adjustable bindings, I'll never know. If I didn't love the way they ski now I might care.


Used Railflex bindings for years and was always fiddling with the position.  Whenever I moved them forward of the line, my tails always felt too long.   If I didn't have a quiver of skis, adjustable bindings might help in certain conditions. Quiver is more fun.

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Both pairs on the line.


RX and LX 92

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My MX 88s are mounted with Marker Demo bindings so I've played a bit with fore/aft positioning.  Generally find I prefer to ski them at close to the mounting line.  


They are also fun a bit forward, and get more turny skied there.  Haven't really had them out on a new snow day to try skiing them back for more float.


I generally leave them on the factory line though, as I find that I can easily do short, medium, and long turns there.



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having owned and skied many different models I have found line is good but +.5 better. I really liked the 78's and the 88's at +.5.  I realize its just a 1/2cm but on the groomed it did make a difference. Just a little quicker.

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Do women do better with them a little forward of the line or same as men?

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 Women tend to carry weight more in the hip and butt area which makes it easier to end up in the backseat, it comes down to personal choice. Some women like it some don't. If you have a tendency to end up in the backseat even though you feel like your getting forward then perhaps a forward mounting point is for you.

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