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Ducks In the Finals!!!

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The shutouts are over for Giggy but the Ducks are in!!!
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Devils vs Ducks?
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We will know tonight. The Senators are looking like the next victims.
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So, Lemaire's system still makes it to the finals, just with the Devil's, not the Wild. So, the Ducks may be happy to be playing the same system they just beat, but there is one big difference this time around - the Devils have players that can muck it up in the corners, clear out defensemen in front of the net and score, qualities the Wild don't have in their small speedy forwards. Gigure had better be ready to post a few more shutouts if the Ducks are going to have a chance.
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Well Robin,looks like Hawkeye broke a pen in half and stuck it in the throat of the Senators. It's 3 - 1 in the 3rd. They're still breathing! I think I saw Mako in the stands.
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On to game 6...sound familiar?
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First period
Devils 0
Senators 0
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Second period
Senators got one
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Final....OT...the Sen's Win, the Sen's Win, the Sen's Win! Faster than you can say Paul Henderson...the Senators have tied the series....this could be the 4th 1-3 game comeback this playoff season....Hossa wants a Quacker!
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A-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-! Devils get "BONKED" Excellent. Robin, was it me or did both teams actually go into that overtime trying to score? GREAT OT PERIOD. On to game seven. Sound familiar?
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Ah we just wanted you guys to float and paddle the pond a while and get nervous and stiff....hey, was that a decoy or just a wooden duck?
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Devils vs Ducks!
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I will be gracious in defeat...my daughter is pulling for the Devils.
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Friesen has to be one happy little Devil.
Great play by both teams.
GO Devils!
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What is this, I move from SOCAL and all the teams wake up. First the Angels and now the Ducks. It's a conspiracy I tells ya! Devils better get their clubs re-gripped. DUCKS IN 5! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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