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Just Scored a Pair of Lange RS 110 Wide on......

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I've been dabbling with different boot flexes the past two seasons, and it looks like I'm doing it again.


Two years back I dumped my rather old Xscream boots from the early millennium, I believe they were 130s.


I tried a 90 flex in a Lange for one trip to UT, then quickly jumped on a pair of Lange Blaster Pros in a 100 flex.


Seems that I can crank them down sooo much that the metal in the heel attacks my heel and achilles. Two trips doing that


has led me to today's score.


I found on GearTrade a pair of Lange RS 110 Wides for the stupidly low price of $137.50 + $25 for shipping, aka Backcountry.   


Skied on one day and sent back according to them. So I am now the lucky owner of Lange racing blue boots, and a flex I can live with


I hope.


The whole experiment with boot flex is due to a desire to see if my poor patellas would like less jarring. So far all I've discovered is


that my 200 lb., 6'2" frame and old-pro skills  will squash any soft shell and performance is reduced bashing them around.


Here in North Cuba I don't have many boots to try on, so when I find a Lange online I know the fit will be what I have come to expect


in their 28.5.


Anyone have a review of these for me? Thoughts?


Can't wait to have my dogs slip into them.


I have the Blaster Pros on CL for $175 if you are here in SoFLA (North Cuba).

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We sell a ton of Langes every year and the RS 110 is among our best selling boots. We generally sell this model to Jr. racers and advanced-expert women in the 5' 4", 120-130 lb range.


IMO, you may be a touch underclubbed there but you should really consult the bootfitting experts @ Backcountry.com. They'll know for sure how it'll work out for you and whether or not it's the right fit for your foot shape/biomechanics.



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Those women have big.....feet! I have the patellas of a woman......er 57 y.o. :-)

The last diiference of 2mm will be of interest, how noticable that is.

Florida just doesn't carry enough stuff, even the big player down here.

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Originally Posted by snokat View Post

Those women have big.....feet! I have the patellas of a woman......er 57 y.o. :-) Ummmmm no, they dont. Actually, our best selling size in that boot is 23.5


The last diiference of 2mm will be of interest, how noticable that is. The forefoot width is the least of the differences.


Florida just doesn't carry enough stuff, even the big player down here. Correct, the Internet is the obvious answer, you can get anything there (except maybe the right thing)



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At 57 and no surgeries, it has become a fine line between comfort and performance.

Same thing about people, either they are funny, or they are NOT!

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Jim can be funny. But the thing is that he cares a lot more about your feet and your skiing than about your ego. I've been the recipient of a wrist slap or two myself, so I know. Plus he's been refining his painting skills for decades and you posted asking for "thoughts" about the great deal you just got on your DIY velvet Elvis. I have not been refining my painting skills for decades, so it's really no skin off my nose to say, "Nice snag, snokat." But it also wouldn't really be helping you. At all.

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Have you ever had anyone look at your skiing? If you're having knee pain and there aren't any other activities, pre-existing conditions, old sports injuries, general fitness or lack of, etc... contributing toward your discomfort, it's entirely possible you've got some alignment/support issues. Jim's answers might sound harsh, but they're 100% correct.

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Flames are red aren't they? Easy on the net to do, not really needed is it? Okay!


So here's a history on my knee issues.


As a young high school athlete I had some dificulties with my right patella tracking.


Once that was diagnosed a ChoPat strap was used which helped take up the slack in the tendon.


Problem solved.


So after 30 years of skiing I had to see a knee specialist back in '01 again after a crash I had.


Bottomline on the knee is that the bottom of my femur doesn't have all the soft tissue it once had and there is little to do about it.


Now before anyone jumps off a cliff, this Doc does Phila professional athletes and did my best bros cadavour surgery as well.


So I have a knee that swells during skiing, bone on bone. This is why I am experimenting with boot flexes. Not easy in So Florida


where I presently get two trips a year out there, and little opportunity to work out specific boot fixes like when I lived in the NE and


skied 6-10 days a month.


So here where one ski shop exists, even their new shop had nothing for me other than some 130s. So I shopped an internet special on something I know, Lange.


My Blaster Pros will be the third boot I've sold on CL in as many seasons. Yes, so now I know what soft really is, now! But I want to save some cash during this process,


which I'll speculate is what brought SJ on.


Underclubbed? Now that is funny, I live on the 10th, on the Fazio here at PGA National, so I get the point. That may be true, but the" fine line" I am seeking is my grail.


So that is my quest.


As far as shape, 200 lbs and 6'2", I run with no pain, Mt bike with no pain and have no swelling under the kneecap. My alignment to cuff has never been a big


issue. Though I haven't checked that since moving to FL 7 years ago.....maybe it's time to drive down to the big Peter Glenn shop and have this checked with the new boots.

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SJ wasn't flaming you. He's a well established professional boot fitter who takes a lot of time answering questions like yours asking for fitting and boot advice. Take his words seriously. Like I said before, he's right on in his assessment and comments.

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In all professions it helps to understand the intent of a doctor visit, mechanic visit and such. Advice wasn't my intent, merely pointing out my little journey to these boots, and a few thoughts.


Not everyone skis 50 or 70 days a year their whole life, so drawing assumptions from something as innocent as a post is what I find interesting, Sierra doesn't know me or my skiing at all,


so to draw something from nothing is what it is. SJ, no ill will here from me, so let's call it a day on this. Yes, I raced for many years here in the east, know my feet and my knee, had a boot guy.


Case in point. Recently discovered that my wife's Jeep had lost close to an inch of its LIFT. This wasn't causing any issues, but the newer tires needed rotating and becasue they were the same 


make and model we didn't do an alignment on the install. So now I'm figuring we need to get the rotation done and have the alignment checked. For anyone who doesn't know about suspensions,


the problem here can be that it may be almost impossible to get the front camber adjusted to its optimum negative camber when your coils soften. Well the mechanic comes out ranting and raving


that whoever had done the alignment really screwed up. Point: he didn't really know why the vehicle was there other than for its alignment, and wasn't dialed into anything other than someone 


else's fault. If you get my meaning. The Jeep runs straight, but the negative camber is almost a full degree out. New coils down the road was what I was expecting to find. Done!


I am a small business owner so I can well appreciate on one hand how much the discount online market has affected shop owners bottomlines, so maybe I could have left that part out, as I


woul;d come off sounding insensitive to folks who livelyhood comes from the ski/ride industry.


Oh know, I'm blogging. Sorry!


BTW, what a fit out of the box. Hard to believe I skied Hell's Canyon with a 90 flex boot two years ago.eek.gif And survived!

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