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Women's skis... for men?

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What makes women skis, women skis? Magazine reviews on women skis often say things like "better for women or lighter men"... Should a short/skinny male ski on women's skis or just get shorter men's skis...?

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Yep, you pretty much answered the question yourself. Women's frames are generally smaller and lighter, therefore the ski mfr's. have been marketing their more popular skis to the female market in the last few years.
Can a man in the light weight department use them. Of course!....As long as he doesn't mind being identified as the man on "women's" skis. It all comes down to ego doesn't it. Do you care what others think or not.
Really, when it comes to choosing a ski, don't get caught up in this bit of marketing, for that's what it pretty much is. Try out a number of demos; if the ski feels right for your ability and type of skiing, it's the right ski for you, whether it's being marketing to the male or female segment of the skiing population. Enjoy.

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I also beleive that womens ski's have the mounting point for the binding set farther forward because of the differnce in how a womens body weight is distributed. But if there not predrilled ski's then all i "guess" it would take is to mount the binding a little farther back than were there marked to be mounted.
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The swing weight on a women's ski will be less than a men's ski, so they are easier for a lighter skier to turn. The flex varies among women's skis. A man should probably opt for a stiffer flex pattern or he might feel the ski is a bit wimpy.

Try the T9 Spire! It's an awesome ski. I went from the Mod X to the Spire and never looked back.
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I got a womens ski. the Atomic 8.18L...

There are two lines for the mounting plate/bindings. one is for males, the other dotted line is for females, and is about 1/2" apart.

from feeling the 9.18 160 skis and the 9.18L 160 womens skis, the womens skis bend SLIGHTLY easier than the mens ski, so I'm guessing the women's ski has a easier flex, and better suited for a lighter weight person?

I weigh 150... and these were the only Atomic skis in my frice range that were my size, so I got them. =) Besides, I don't go extremely fast, so I'm not interested in a very stiff ski. ANYTHINGS got to be better then rentals...
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hey guys, I found the same pair of skis I have for the same price, but the men's version...

the question is, Should I spend the extra $15 for shipping and get the mens version?... is it worth my $15 and time and possible damage in the mail?

I have the Atomic 8.18L... all silver/grey colored. The mens version has red in the middle section.

I've been skiing rentals all my life, and this is my first real set of skis. I'm 150lbs, 5'9"
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I truly doubt that you will be able to tell the difference between an 8.18 and an 8.18L when skiing them. Thats not a very stiff ski to begin with, so a 10% softer ski is like splitting hairs. If you have the skis in your hand, and you like them, I say go for it.
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Coo, thanks. got red boots to match the mens version, but then only the L was avail in 170... so that's what I got.

too bad there wern't any other boot for $50. heh. nice boots, got a ton of adjsutments...
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Besides lighter and softer , many makers of skiis move the mounting for the boot , so be sure the mid -sole mark on the ski is adjusted for men . There is a difference on some skiis because a womens hips are structured different and so the center of gravity needs to shift so as to apply suffient pressure to the tips. This was very true on straite skiis ,but I do not know if it is as critical with shaped skiis.
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Some women benefit from placing the bindings forward a smidge. It has to do with the location and size of the skier's booty. If the word "massive" applies, forward placement puts more of that mass over the sweet spot. Heel lifts are brought into play for this reason as well.

If a woman is not so voluptuous, the binding mount can stay in the center.
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I hope you aren't seriously considering a women's ski ? There are enough easy flexing skis out there for men no mater how small you are. The binding placement for women sksi, as has already been pointed out in the other posts, is different, and wouldn't be at all correct for you.

Just get a shorter intermediate or recreational ski, but not a women's ski ! I just can't see it. The potential verbal abuse isn't worth it !

Trust me, there is a ski out there for you, and it is NOT a ladies ski.
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Joe Namath used to wear pantyhose...
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Hey, thanks, Wink. Score one for Title IX.

(Psst! The T9 Spire is BETTER than any ski marketed to the male gender. Keep it to yourselves, girls.)
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Originally posted by milesb:
Joe Namath used to wear pantyhose...
So did J. Edgar Hoover and Marv Albert.....yes!
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they make pantyhose for men too... I guess it's called tighty-whitie-hose since men do not wear panties? I wouldn't know...

Anyways... The reason I got the 8.18L was becasue they were the only ones in the right size, they were cheap, and by the time I am good enough to warrant a stiffer, better ski, I'll probably have enough money and need them anyways.

Most women's skis I've seen that are unmounted have marks for both men and women.

Are the flexes REALLY that differrent? Because I found a pair of 170 8.18's online for the same price, but I didn't want to bother with shipping and returns and stuff, and had them mounted yesterday.

But I've been using rentals all my life, and this is my first set of skis. paid like 400 for the entire package (skis, bindings, poles, boots) so I'm happy.
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Originally posted by AznAtama:
[QB]since men do not wear panties? QB]
That is only because there are no men's panties manufacturers.

I believe Bogner are about to announce they are filling that gap in the clothing market.

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OMG, I don't even want to know why. in my opinion, that's just wrong. Women can wear tight fitting underwear cuz they are lacking a certain male piece there, but why men would want to... beat the $h!t outta me... besides, it's a biologically proven fact that wearing things that are too tight is actually harmful to the little soldier factories down there, and can lead to factory shutdown alltogether.

Anyways... can someone answer my question...

Are the flexes REALLY that differrent that someone like me would notice? I mostly ski lower and mid intermediates.
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