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Beta Race 10.22 Jr. or 10.26 Jr. ???

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Anyone , well your kids raced on these? Construction is beta so thinking that not just a low end ski with top end graphics.
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Check out the first edition of Ski magazine, it has ratings on many of the top kids race skis. The upper end Atomics scored very high.

Be wary of the 8' 14's. Of the three pair in the J-5 group, all of them are "up for sale". The kids hated them and there were problems with the bases. I would check any Atomic bases with a straight edge before buying them. One kid has a 10 series and loves them.....

Shop early, we got stuck with the Atomic 8's because in early December the shops were out of the high end skis.

My son did get a pair of P-40 jr.'s in a 163, that's a lot of ski for a 75 pounder but he loves them, though, he has not raced them.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks for the info. Seem to be a fair number of the 10.22Jr s in the shops around here. Pretty popular ski around here. Remember a whole team on 10 years olds on them at a race last year. There are pairs of the 10.26 on ebay so looking at that also.
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I'll try to round up my copy and I'll post on the specifics.

After the news, I'm sitting here in tears.

The military part of me wishes to be in the air wreaking havoc.
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Yes skiing is very tivial at a time like this. Hard to resist temptation to use a hammer but certainly a sword is warrented.
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er well maybe Betaracer could put some light on Jr. Atomic skis.
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I have been searching for that first seasons edition of SKI magazine. I'll continue looking and hopefully, will be able to post summaries.
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Thanks Phil
Have seen that action and the 3 times they have been up before. Actually thats the reason why wanted info on the 10.26. Think he has lots of pairs. First time came in second after driving price up to $125.
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What are the sidecut dimensions of the 10.22?
Do other junior race skis such as Fischer have more cut? It is so important to get these kids carving.
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I know that you are looking for a 10 series Atomic, but if you get stuck I will be taking my kids 8-14's up to the Pelican ski swap in a few weeks... they are 150's and have only seen about five days of use.

Since we live pretty close you could drop by if interested. I'll also be taking up a pair of Rossi 9-s juniors that I got from Rippley's son last year..... kinda long though though ..... 168's.
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