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all mountain doubt

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Hi, I am a spanish skier with lots of doubst. My level is advance , I am looking for new skis. I love to ski on powder but in Spain its getting pretty hard. Also like to play around on the grommers and get into the park sometimes. I alrready have a public enemies (85 underfoot) and a pair of line chronic that goes real good on the park. right now im looking for a pair that carves and allowd you to go fast on groomers and have good answer on powder. 


My options are. Line prophet 98/Line influence 105(maybe to big..) /armada tst(102 underfoot with big rocker)


I would be gratefull if someone could help me¡¡ Thanks1000





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 Hi and welcome! I'm not too familiar with the line skis, I've seen the prophets all over the place in Europe but they never seem to be at the demos!, The tst is getting great reviews too tho. If you can get to a demo that really is the best way.


 You might get more useful advice from the guys on here if you provide your height and weight for us?


 The Blizzard bushwacker is a very competant carving ski that can handle itself well in powder unless you are on the real heavy end of the spectrum. Its 125:88:110mm  which might be closer to your current public enemies than you want.


 What length are your public enemy skis? A lot of my friends seem to ski a little shorter in the park and with twin tips you have less ski contact on the snow. Maybe (depending on your height/weight) it's not so much that the public enemys are too narrow but too short for all mountain? In which case the bushwackers might work for you. You can always rent wider planks on one of the rare deep powder days?

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The Line Blend might be worth looking at as well. It won't be quite as good at short turns on the groomers as the Prophet 98, but it will be better in the powder due to the early taper in the tip and tail and a bit more early rise than the Prophet.

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