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Buh Bye, Mikey

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(excerpts from a story in today's New York Times)


Jordan Surprised and Inflamed as Wizards Show Him the Door

By Mike Wise

During a curt, five-minute exchange yesterday that ended with Michael Jordan making a futile case for his job, Abe Pollin, the Washington Wizards' owner, told Jordan, the man recognized as the world's greatest basketball player, that his services were no longer needed.

Jordan then turned toward Ted Leonsis, a minority owner of the Wizards, in Pollin's office at the MCI Center in Washington and profanely yelled at him for "getting me into this mess," according to a participant in the meeting.

Jordan and his representative, Curtis Polk, then angrily walked out, bitterly ending his three-and-a-half-year relationship with the Wizards, the last two as a celebrated, if aging, player on 37-45 teams.


The Wizards' season ended without a playoff berth for the sixth straight season last month, amid verbal sparring between Coach Doug Collins and his players and an obvious resentment toward Jordan by many of his teammates.


Some players said the team could have done as well without Jordan, or that he influenced who would play. During the season, Jordan criticized the effort of his teammates.

According to one Eastern Conference official who was told about the incident, Jordan threatened at least one team employee in a telephone call on Tuesday night while trying to determine the source of the report, saying there would be retribution if he were to return as president. The employee thought Jordan meant that he would dismiss the employee if he found out the employee had given information to The Times, the official said.
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For every athlete there is a time to get out of the game!!!
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Yeah, except Jordan's was probably around the 2nd time he got out.
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