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Line prophet 100 size question

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I have searched and can't seem to find any sizing info on these for smaller guys. I am 39 years old, 5'9" and 140lbs I am an expert skier, but not aggressive. I tend to ski 80% on piste, but I do veer off into the trees and lift lines at times. I ski bumps, but am usually too lazy and just avoid them. Mostly I really love very steep groomers with tight turns and some occasional trips into powder. I generally only ski in the west..mostly ca, and currently am on some really old atomic izor 9:7 159s (which I really like). Anyhow there is a pair of 2011 line prophet 100s for sale for really cheap. They are 165cm, but I wonder if these are too short for me. Everything I read says these ski really short. Would I be too limited at this size, or would I be better with 172cm?

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165 is going to be too short. Not the same skis but I had a chance to demo P90 last year in 165 and the size was good for me at 5'5" / 150 lbs. I ended up getting P98@172cm. There are some guys here at Epicski that I talked to that are about my size maybe a little bit taller and they are with at least the 172cm on the P100 and I was told they wish they had the 179cm.


You should probably go for at least the 172 if not the 179, I think both sizes would work, but the 165 just seems too short. Try to get some feedback from Uilleann, he is about my size and skis the 172 but wish it was the 179.

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I agree, the 165 is likely going to be much too short.  I've got the '11 Prophets myself in a 172, and I often wonder if I should have gone 179...and I'm not nearly as competent a skier as you I expect.  :)



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They are definitely too short.  I'm 5'7-8", 145 pounds and ski 170cm Nordica Steadfasts.  172 cm is much better for your height.

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Me - 4 seasons on 186 P100, my wife -3 seasons on 176 P100. I agree with everybody else that165 is way, way too short. That's why they are for sale as you say 'really cheap'. I don't totally agree about recommending a 172. If you are looking for more float, more off piste, and faster lines then you could go 176 otherwise 172 would be fine.

Also as everybody says, they are awsome skis although technologically dated by now.

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Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I'll pass on them.
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