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My new full tilts are killing me.

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I had rossignol 29.5 boots and they were a pain to get on and hurt me feet. I got full tilt hot doggers in 29.5 and I tried them on in store before buying yen online. They are really light and easy to get on. There is a little bit of pressure on my big toes when is rode them for the first time yesterday. I also kept hiting my toes on the top of my boot when I cased jumps, worse than normal though. It even happened when I was just riding. What kind of things can I get done to make my boots fit better. I heard that once the liner molds to my foot my heel will sink down a but and pull my toes back from the front. Can I get the liners heat molded? I also remember reading something about boot fitters being able to like heat and change parts of the plastic where there is pressure. I live on the San Francisco Bay Area and the only place my friends know of is elite feet in northstar. Does anyone know any other places that do this kind of work? And what other things can they do?
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do you know what rossi boot you where in?  wider or narrower?


odds are your heel is not staying back, so your foot is able to move forward, so that casuses your toes to hit the front of the shell.  Look at getting the heel held down with "L" pads, or a small heel lift, and see if that helps


yes the liners can be heated, but this might not help (or might make it worse) if the heel is not secure


maybe you can talk to the online store you bought them from and see if they can help?  or talk to the store that you DIDN:T buy them from and see how much they will charge you to help.  (that might kill the savings you got from online)


or learn how not to land in the back seat too.

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They were a bit wider I think. I've always had problems with heel lift. It's better on the new boot but it still happens. When I put the new boots on my bindings and tightened them and set the DIN the Asymetrical line on the boot was slightly forward of the center mount line on the skis. So I was more forward than back. I'm going that when I mount my new skis tho.
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Heel lift. However, Those full tilts have a low instep(top of foot), so u can only get away w/ so much lift. u can buy them at a surgical supply store in ur area...

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