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Zero Dorsiflexion

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I have an appointment tomorrow with my bootfitter, but had a couple of questions before I go.


I have zero dorsiflexion due to some medical issues. As in if I hold my foot off the ground, I can't bend it upwards or downwards, only left/right. I also can't really move my toes.  All motions I make seem to come from above my ankles.


I have read that I should have a heel lift, yet I have also read the that could also make my balance worse.


I have read that I should have a posted footbed since I do pronate. Yet I have also read that I should be on a softer non-posted footbed to allow for some movement.


Is there any consensus to any of this. In the end I will listed to my bootfitter's recommendations, but I'd like to have some (hopefully correct) knowledge going in.



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I think this will take some good guessing but mainly experimenting on your account


my guess (without seeing you, or your foot, or boot)   5-10mm heel lift to try to move some weight forward.   medium to soft footbed to allow for pronation.

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Me again. I have some serious experience with ur issues. You need enough lift to feel balanced on the balls of your feet. It could mean 5cm lift!!! hopefully not. Need that posted bed though. Better balance and transfer of energy. Equinus Deformity is the techy term. Billy will be impressed. Write us back after the experience, we always wanna here!

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