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The Devils maybe do it!

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Apparently Lightning does not strike twice! Brodeur is quietly looking good! Meanwhile the Canucks from British California are poised to take on the remenants of Big "D" vs Disneyland! I like the Quackers in this....we shall see!
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The Ducks are in! The Canucks suffer a second period brainfart! Too many days off reading their own press!
Canucks vs Senators....possible....I love it!
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What a time to set a team record for most goals in a period and most goals in a game! As much as the Wild continue to surprise me, I don't know how much longer they can continue to take the pounding by the likes of Bertuzzi et al. Still, out of the @ 380 minutes of hockey played in this series, the Canucks have only held a lead for about 38 minutes, the rest of the time they've been playing catch up or skating with a tie. Cloutier is looking pretty shaky, his GAA and save percentage stink. If Vancouver does get by Minnesota (still the most likely event, given history and that the road team has won every game but one in this series), I think the Ducks are going to give 'em fits.

It's going to be an interesting game tomorrow night!!
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No doubt! Cloutier is VERY shaky and hopefully has already had his playoff meltdown. Bertuzzi has yet to contribute on the scoreboard, but he is definitely effecting the game with his presence.
If the Wild are to survive, they cannot take penalties...the Canucks seem only able to put it in the net during power plays. For both the Wild and Ducks, their greatest virtue is their seeming ignorance of the fact that they shouldn't even be in this!
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It's Wednesday night and the Wild are up 2-0 against the Canucks at the end of the second period, in Game 6. You're right, Robin--it's just never occurred to them that they aren't SUPPOSED to be beating these teams! Since they knocked out the Avalanche (with 1/3 the Avalanche's payroll), I'm looking for them to keep going....

Best regards,
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Credit Rolo! He kept the Wild in the game when the 'nucks shoulda been ahead by 3 in the first! The rest of the game was a total meltdown. Cloutier is going to cost the wet coast it's first shot in 9 years.
Also credit Jacques LeMaire. He has always been a big game guy...a great motivator and a class act!
Who ever emerges tonight is going to be sore, tired and bleary!
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Don't know about the team, but there are a lot of Minnesotan's walking around with this big, sh!t-eatin' grin on their faces this morning! What a game! Great lead into this morning's paper's cover story "Does this sound familiar? Vancouver outshoots the Wild 12-6 in the first period. The score is 0-0." Like you said, Bob, it seems like they just don't understand that they aren't SUPPOSED to do this. Loved a couple of lines from the Vancouver paper: "The Canucks dominated play to an illogical extent, opened up a 2-0 lead in the second period against a team that couldn't score in a women's prison with a fistful of pardons and they lost...." This whole playoff run is just that, simpley illogical. The Wild, the team that couldn't score, now is the leading scoring team in the playoffs and has the leading goal scorer in Gaborik (at least that was true the last time I looked). So, now the Wild get to take Minnesota in to battle with L.A. for the third time in the past 7 months (Angels vs. Twins - ALCS; Lakers vs. Timberwolves; Ducks vs. Wild). Hope they can fare better than their brethren did!
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Ilogical, inconceivable just plain WILD! The shock and awe of the Wilds first goal knocked the script right out of everyone's hands. After Bertuzzi's goal, I thought, "ok, the universe is righting itself on it's axis..." Blast Lemaire's Socks!
I thought for sure it was the 'nucks n'ducks! Now Canada's longest cup drought is to be determined by the euro-dominated Senators...the shame, the shame! And Marty Brodeur is probably the most stable person between the pipes left!
Congratulations to Minnesota (practically another province anyway)one of the states with much affinity with the GWN! Better than one of those teams from Dallas or Florida! Minnesota actually produces great players and has deserving and loyal fans!
Now to the conference finals....I LOVE THIS GAME!
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I love it too, Robin. The last words I recall from the announcer in Game 7 of the Wild-Avalanche series were something to the effect of "well, it's been all Avalanche so far in the first overtime...." Moments later, the Avalanche season ended.

Seven games later, the Wild did it again!

Do you suppose that maybe this Wild Thing might be a pretty good hockey team, in disguise? Go Wild--ignorance is bliss! (Sh-h-h--Don't anyone tell them that they aren't actually any good....)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Do you suppose that maybe this Wild Thing might be a pretty good hockey team, in disguise?
Naaahh, just a bunch of cast-off's & rejects, and a few rookies, that's all the Wild are...Too small, can't score...Tag-team goaltending never'll work in the playoffs.... If Lemaire doesn't earn Coach of the Year honors, I don't know what does.

Funny to hear both Ducks and Wild saying "No, we're the underdog." Hope that the extra few days rest has cooled off Gigure.

So, Robin, do you think Cloutier will be gone by next season?

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I knew Lemaire was smart when he and Bjore Salming were two of the few guys wearing helmets in his era! But, please God, no more game 7's, my marriage can't endure it! Who is the underdog? That honour goes to the Wild...at least the Ducks have a few names most fans have heard of!
Biggest schmuck so far? Bertuzzi..."there ain't gonna be a game 6" Talk about a yap-slapper!
I would think Rolo gets the nod against Anahiem...until he loses, then over to Fernandez...who has been fairly stellar in his own right!
Tough to be a Canuck fan...just slightly easier than an Av's or Wings fan!
Will Cloutier be gone next year? Yup!

[ May 09, 2003, 03:05 PM: Message edited by: Robin ]
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Originally posted by Robin:
... And Marty Brodeur is probably the most stable person between the pipes left!...
Isn't he always?? [img]smile.gif[/img]

What a playoff season. I wish I'd put down a few bucks on an Anaheim/Minnesota WCF back in April. Could have financed my skiing for the next several decades ... (or paid for ONE more year of hockey tickets).
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They didn't do it last nite. Devils 2 Senators 3 in OT
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Originally posted by Robin:
Biggest schmuck so far? Bertuzzi..."there ain't gonna be a game 6" Talk about a yap-slapper!
One of the biggest cheers at the MN-ANA game yesterday when the camera's zoomed in on a kid holding up a sign that read "Hey Bertuzzi! Have a nice summer!"
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Ouch! Once again, the Wild dig themselves into a hole. It is just soooo frustrating that they play so well on the road, but can't win any games in front of their fans! Kinda like the Vancouver series, the Wild aren't getting any breaks in the first few games. Maybe we just need to start the series down 1-3.....

Anyone betting on a Ducks - Ottowa series?
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I just moved back to New Mexico this weekend and have not hooked up the dish....I am missing out!
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