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Atomic Hawk

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My current boots are a Head Dream 12.5.  They are two seasons old now and my toes still have that scrunched feeling. The flex was an upgrade for me so the first season, the boots were very tight, even a little painful.  Last season it was better.


However, my husband was trying on new boots and like the Atomics, for kicks I tried a pair on as well that even had a higher flex than my Heads.  The fitter placed me in one size bigger and it made a huge difference.  I am interested in the Atomic Hawk 100.  My previous boot size was 23.5 but the Atomic is a 24.5.  I do have a large calf.  


I like to do the NASTAR racing and ski mid-atlantic region with a 1-2 time a year trip to Utah.

In the midatlantic I ski most everything, except for trees.  In Utah, I will do blacks, as well.


Is it okay to go up in the boot size?  How does the Atomic Hawk compare to the Head dream 12.5?


The Atomic boots were very comfortable, no pain.

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It is OK to go up to a 24 if that is your measured size and your shell sizing checks out. OTH, if you are a measured 23 with a relatively average foot shape/arch length, then's not OK to go to a 24. You can chase your tail forever with the Head vs. Atomic vs. Lange etc. etc. thing. None of that matters. What does matter is appropriate size and shape for your foot and naturally, we cannot diagnose that over the interwebz.


Your foot may be identical to your husband's.......but probably not. A boot that is great for him may be great for you too.......but probably not. A boot that is very comfortable when brand new may be the right thing.........but probably not.


Ya see..............there are these guys called bootfitters...........and they look at your foot..............and then they figure out the right boot for your foot shape and needs as a skier.



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Quote: "My previous boot size was 23.5 but the Atomic is a 24.5.  I do have a large calf."


The last part of your sentence above, is the reason your toes are getting crunched---any upward/extension movement of your lower leg will push the calf into the back of the upper shell and  this will then push your toes up into the front of the boot.


If you go up to the larger boot, the calf thing will push your foot forward in it also and there will be enough room for this to happen without your

toes scrunching into the front.  This will not be a good thing as your foot has moved forward inside the boot---Balance issues here---I suggest you have the smaller boot cuff flared to the rear to accommodate the calf issue and the toe issue will go away.  This can be done---find a boot fitter who can help you, don't settle for less(a bigger boot).



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^^^^^^ what those guys have already said +1

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