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K2 Comanche or K2 Omni Skis?

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Are either of these skis twin tips or at least have a lip at the rear that makes them not full blown twin tips but at least able to ski switch? If not, do you know of any skis that are for around 150 or under in the 150 cm to 159 cm range? I am buying for the first time and my parents are making me pay myself, so I need to keep the cost low. I am a good skier and still want to do lots of downhill and off piste but i want to delve into the world of park skiing alittle more this season. I dont need full twin tips, just something i can ski switch on. Any help?
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 Hi and welcome, I believe the omni is a beginner/low intermediate ski with a narrow waist, I'm fairly sure it has a flat tail. The comanche was more of an all mountain ski, a little wider in the waist but I think its still only in the 70 somethings, again with a flat tail and more suited toward the int/adv skier.

 If you want a K2 twin tip you might like the press or the domain if you want a narrow waisted ski, if you want a fatty the kung fujas are popular.

 If your looking for a bargain or a lightly used pair keep an eye out for the disorderly or domains on craigslist or ebay.

 You say your a good skier but it's hard to know what good means to an individual. Nor do you give us any idea of your height or weight? If your tall or heavy or both than neither ski you mentioned will do you any favors in powder.

 If you tell us a little more about yourself, height, weight, where you ski then I'm sure you will get better directed information.

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I am 5' 7", 115 pounds, ski in maine, vermont, and new hampshire, and can do all blacks and most doubles comfortably
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Hello again, I'd scratch the two skis you mention, if it is a K2 ski you want look at the K2 sight, it's an intermediate/adv twin tip a little fatter in the waist at 85mm which will help you out off piste, no real need to go ultra fat given where your skiing and your being quite light.

 You might also like the movement afterbang again a little fatter than previously mentioned but not ultra wide.

 If you can demo, you can always try and pick up a deal on the previous years model or get lightly used second hand planks from ebay/craigslist or ski swaps.

 I'm sure some others will chime in with their thoughts soon.

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