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Dynastar Outland 80

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I'm looking for to fill the narrowest slot in my quiver of three.  I currently have Sultan 85s in a 178cm.  They're good, solid skis, and I like them well enough, but I've never really been "wowed" by them.  Given that I'm likely to go with fatter skis if there's anything more than a couple of inches of new snow, I thought this might be a good opportunity to get on something a little narrower for my primary hard snow skis.  


I'm 6'1", 190lbs, advanced skier and intend to use these mostly in VT, but they'll get some use on smaller hills in NY and CT if I get out for a morning while I'm visiting my in laws.  I'm a crappy bump skier, but spend a lot of no-new-snow days skiing hard / icy bumps and hard crud trying to improve in that type of terrain, and would guess I'll be about 50% there and 50% on groomers on this ski.


I'll demo if I can, but that may not work out.  If I can't, having read as much as I could find, the Outland 80 178cm looks like a good choice for what I'm looking for.


I have a few questions though:


Any other suggestions that may be a better fit?


Was there any change in the Outland 80 from 2012 to 2013?


Is the Pro model a different ski from the base and XT?  Or is it just different bindings?  I'm assuming the Pro is the one I want?



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have skied the outland xt and pro


pro is stiffer and the plate is different, it was much better on trail, but the xt was better off (just off side) and in bumps


however didn't really like either of them much if i was really honest. I skied the 172cm in both and i am 5 9 ish and about 165lbs, could have probably done with the 178cm?


Then i tried the elan apex in 177cm and that was better than either of them at everything!, and my watea 84's are miles better in bumps than either of them.


for a hard snow ski i would look elsewhere?

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Sorry should have said that I skied the 2012 models, and there is no change for 2013 except top sheet and there does not seem to be a flat version available in the xt.


base and xt and pro are all different to each other in construction,

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The diff between the pro and the XT is that the pro has a layer of aramid/basalt while the XT has glass fiber.


The pro is supposed to be stiffer. None are very heavy, as they dont have metal layers Everywhere I read, its unchanged line from last year.


I have the 80 pro, and havent skied the XT. Its damp and stable. Havent used it in lot of soft snow, only in spring slush. This weekend they are going out, so lets see

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Thanks for the feedback.  


Anyone been on the Outland 80s as well as the Blizzard Magnum 8.0s?  How did they compare?  If I'm looking for something that will spend plenty of time in bumps, presumably the Ca rather than Ti is the way to go in the Magnum?

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