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to buy or not to buy....

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need some input here, our kids are 4 and 5 years old....they will probably ski 12-15 times this year. Should we buy ski equipment or rent?
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I'm in a similar situation as you with 8 and 6 year olds, both started to ski when they were 4, and my vote is buy.  When they first started out I chose to buy inexpensive used equipment.  I think the first set of boots and skis were like $50-75 total.  Both of my kids used them and I sold them to another member here for close to what I paid.  Kids don't need top of the line equipment when they're starting so used is fine.


Owning your own equipment allows you to skip the rental line at the ski area and get right out on the slope.  It also increases the kid's stoke factor because you can let them play around with their gear in the back yard or even wear it around the house.  My kids still love to put their ski boots on and clunk around the house acting like robots!


Another possible route is a seasonal rental from a local shop.  A seasonal rental has cost advantages over renting at the hill and again allows you to avoid the rental line.


One thing I will note, if the kids are going to be in ski school most of the time while at the hill, the rental equipment is included in the cost of the ski school at most places.  So if they are going to be in ski school for most of their initial days, you might as well just let them rent equipment.  If they're going to ski will you a decent amount, then go ahead and buy.




P.S.  I highly recommend putting your kids in ski school at least some of the time.  That way the kids get to ski with other kids, and it reduces the frustration level of both child and parentsmile.gif.

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Seasonal rental is what I did with my kids. The stuff from this year won't fit next.

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I have used "Play it Again Sports" for many years, swapping out last years gear for next years, along with ski swaps, Craigs list, season rentals, and Epic Ski at one time or another.  All of them were effective and saved me a ton of money.


Keep your ear to the ground at the local hill and talk to the guy in charge of the equipment.  Scored some great deals on used gear this way.


Good luck.

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+1 on seasonal rentals for kids.  The shop that I work at has an excellent youth lease program that at least 100 families take advantage of every year.  The cost for the season is in the $168-288 depending on boot size, and whether or not they need adult boots and or skis.  All of the used leaseed gear goes to the swaps which is when we finally make our money. 


The families that come back every year love this program as they know their kids will have brand new gear that are in the right size for this season, not next season or last season.  The kids feel special when they get fitted up and get to bring home their very own equipment to keep in their room.


I wish someone had that program available when my daughter was learning to ski back in the day.


Good Luck,


Rick G

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Seasonal rentals are nice; it lets the kids have the gear at home to play around with. Also some shops will allow you to change equipment at no cost mid season which is great if the boots get too small.

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I bought last year's models, this year, for my 5YO daughter for $170 total for brand new, from Level Nine Sports. Shipping was cheap and fast, and they mounted the bindings for me. I agree that having the stuff here for my daughter to goof around on will help her. Even just walking on the carpet with the skis on will help her when she gets on the hill. Google their site--I called them and they were very helpful.

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I vote either used or season rental.  It's great to watch the little ones play with the boots and skis and stomp around the yard.  It gets them experience putting skis on, taking them off, falling down and getting back up, etc.. when they're not freezing, wet, and/or getting blasted with snow guns.  At least half of the first ski day for tots is learning how to stomp around in boots and skis, avoid stepping on the other one and falling, etc..  Ya, get them something and let them start playing with it even if there's no snow in your yard.

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Last year for my kids, we did the season rental thing.  Fantastic deal and you really can't beat it.  If you took the amount of trips to the hill we did, it cost us about $3 each day for boots, skis and pools :)  

This year with all last years left overs, I bought all new gear for the kids. It does make it easier when you live in Salt Lake to get some great deals. Probably spent about $150 more for each kid but this gave us a way better ski and boot with the potential to go maybe 2 years or at least sell the next season.  If my kids didn't care what they got I wouldn't hesitate going season rental again but they both especially appreciated having nice new unworn boots that don't stink ;)  They are a bit older now and are getting more picky ;)

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great info, you guys are great, thanks again

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