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Epic ski has been a fun resource to get me equipped for the season, so I thought I would share this review I left on amazon for this specific harness that really helped me get my daughter skiing. Btw a person could make these themselves ( so please don't feel I am selling this company just the design). All they really consist of is nylon/velcro straps that attach to the ski boots with rings and clips to attach to the leash. They do have  3 feet of elastic to smooth out the give and take between you and your child, but i do not think that would make a huge difference if you left it out. You can get the basic idea from their web site, which has a accurate video of how thay work.
 For me, my daughter wanting to ski has given my skiing new life. So this was a big deal to me! Hope it helps someone else spend some quality time with their kids.
CoPilot Ski Trainer Harness to Teach Beginners

I have taught many teenagers/ adults to ski in the past  ( as a complete amateur). But, the task of teaching my five year old daughter caused me to do some research. First of I bought the regular harness that everyone else uses. My daughter could go down the smallest "magic carpet" run without any help, but needed some restraint for bigger runs. On these larger runs(with the body harness on)she kept sitting down and complaining that I was pulling her back. I might as well have been holding her up with my hands in the end because she had a hard time standing on her skis while I held her back from her midsection.
 Then I ran across these on amazon, and bought them right away. I should mention that I was not very optimistic about them. First off I had never seen them being used. And when I asked a ski instructor friend he said it made no sense because they would throw off her balance (just what i was trying to get away from). I did doubt that made sense though based on the physics of leverage and a lower connection with my daughters boots.
When we tried these out the results spoke for themselves. My daughter stayed on her feet, and moved right along. She enjoyed herself and spent more time on the slopes. And best of all I did not wear myself out from holding her up with the straps. For a product that is not seen on the slopes and I had been skeptical about, I personally couldn't be more enthusiastic! Just hoping that our learning curve could help someone else too.
I know you might guess different but I have never reviewed anything from amazon.

 This has been a unique, hidden gem that has been beyond my expectations! Please excuse my composition as I only care to share the experience.


A real ski instructor may think I am wrong with this appraoch but it worked great for us to get started.