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Hey Ryan...

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Wasn't that you blabbering about how the Yankee starters are too old?

BTW...hows the Chowd bullpen doing?
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and only 140 games to go.
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yes, i believe i might've used "fat" and "old" in a previous post. my knocking on the stripes is mostly moaning about the money they have to use. not an excuse, just a fact. george wants to win and he'll pay for it. that adds up to depth, for one thing, that most teams only dream about.
over 160 games, that's what adds up; the ability to bring in a guy off the bench who'll step into a specific situation.
anyway, yes, of course they're good.
sox prob'ly hope oakland, anaheim and seattle beat each other up all year, increasing their chance at a wild card spot.
still, long way to go.

(and they're winning without that punk-crybaby jeter.)

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