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Need new ski's

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I recently was at the Snow Jam in San Diego. I am buying a new pair of ski's and was interested in getting some feedback. I was leaning towards a pair of Volkl ski's that I demo last year in Mammoth. The A-50 model. However, the salesman at the Snow Jam was pushing me towards a pair of Nordica Hot Rod Igniter TI SKi's. I am 53 years young, been skiing in the Canadian Rockies since 1970 and have been skiing in Socal and Mammoth for the last number of years. I get out about 10 days a year, can ski any terrain but am getting less risky in my days ahead. Ski with my kids and wife and they are all black Diamond capable, but we tend to stay on more moderate runs.


Has anyone had any experience with the Nordica Hot Rod Igniter? THanks for any feedback.


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Welcome to Epic.  Was the Volkl ski you demoed the AC50?  If it was the AC50, it is a good ski whether it's really the right ski for you depends..  Don't you love that answer?  A couple of questions will help us form an opinion.  


What percentage of your skiing is on-piste?   Whatever % you give we will assume the balance is  off-piste.


What is your height and weight?


Answer those questions and you'll get a lot of recommendations and opinions.  We enjoy spending other people's money.wink.gif

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I ski on trails or on-piste about 75% of the time. I am 5ft 10 210 lbs. I have skied fairly aggressively for most of my skiing years, just getting a bit older 53 and finding that lately I am not as risky a skier.


I hope that this answers your question. Yes it was the AC50

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There is a rather big difference between the AC50 and the Nordica Hot Rod Igniter, mainly 9mm difference in the waist.  The AC50 is a traditional design ski that was intended to be an all-mountain ski.  I'm not sure where the Nordica fits because it has a relatively narrow waist but also has what Nordica calls camrocker, camber underfoot with early rise tip and in this case apparently some early rise in the tail since they call it a partial twin tip.  My only concern with it is the width.  If it were 85mm or wider underfoot I would say go for it.  I ski Nordica Steadfasts as my daily driver and I love them.  They have terrific edge grip, 90mm waist, camrocker and are very light and quick, especially in the trees where I ski a lot.  I'm 68 BTW.  If you want a hard snow biased all mountain ski, I would suggest you look at the Blizzard Magnum 8.5 Ti.  You can however probably get a good deal on some AC50s since they aren't made anymore, as long as you realize the design is outdated.  I recommend you demo some newer skis like the Blizzard Magnum or Bushwacker, Nordica Steadfast and Rossi Experience 88 and see how you like the newer ski designs.

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