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Kings Roll Over OOtah...

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...w/o Weber for three quarters. Stockton looks real old these days, Karl looks perplexed.

Lakers can start making their early reservations for the Bahamas.
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Wait a minute. . . do you mean to say that because Sacramento is beating Utah that LA has a straight shot to the championships? : Not a chance!! You forget that the best teams in the league are in the West, and that LA will have to go through some of them, which is unlikely at best.
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No; what I'm saying is that Kobe and his buddies should start making early vacation plans because the Kings are gonna kick their ass.
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must be another earthquake in town 'cause...
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My bad, I didn't really read it all the way through. Good call. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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anyway, interesting series after tonight, when the old guys in salt lake win to even the series.
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Or not. . . :
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yeah, well...
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Woulda been interesting.
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