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Staying in Salt Lake City

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Looking for suggestions on where to stay in SLC in February for 2 couples.  Somewhere with good value for money, close to resturants and easy access to major routes to the resorts. Also a couple of good ski shops close by a bonus.

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will you have a car?

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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post

will you have a car?


Hope so, becuase its a real pain in the butt to get around the sprawling suburbs otherwise. 


If not a car, then the best options are probably in Park City side, not Salt Lake Valley. 


If a car, then some where near an exit on 215 is about as fast to the cottonwoods as anywhere. My wife and I always stay here when we don't feel like driving back to Logan: Good service and amenities for the money.

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Richard:  Welcome to EpicSki!  How long are you staying in SLC?  Where do you want to ski?


Assuming you will have a car, I rented a nice little 2BR/2BA house on the north side of SLC a few seasons ago that I would recommend.  Found it on VRBO.  We had four adults and it was perfect for us.  A mile from the main highway, 30 min to LCC/BCC, 45 min to Park City, a bit over an hour to Snowbasin.  I usually ski Alta but the goal of that trip was to check out several places.  Shoot me a PM if you are interested in details.

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Do a search a search of the forum, too. This question has probably been asked a dozen times ... in the past month. You'll find plenty of info quickly by searching instead of waiting for answers.


Also, just do a Travelocity (or travel booking site of choice) search of Midvale/Sandy, UT. Those are the closest towns to the SLC-area resorts and they have many inexpensive hotel options. Since you ask for routes, not public transportation, I'll assume you'll have a car, so you don't need things within walking distance. The area is basically a big suburb with plenty of restaurants and shops within a short drive. Ft. Union Blvd and E 9400 S/209 are the two main arteries that cut through the suburbs to the canyons. Both are littered with restaurants and busineses.

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Yes, will hire a car.

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Just stay in the Sandy/Midvale area. Loads of options. Just do a search on tripadvisor or kayak to get ratings, costs etc.

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