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What boots should I get?

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First things first, I am not the best skier, nor am I the toughest. However-- after buying a pair of boots last year-- I had found myself stranded on the slopes, curled up into the fetal position clutching my feet in pain. 


Now, obviously that little description is a bit vague, but it basically represents my ski season last year, which ended in my selling the boots and reverting back into rentals for the year. The boots themselves were a pair of nordica hot-rod 8.5's. I got them at a local store, and, along with causing arch pain, were a bit too flexible and soft for me. 


As for myself, I'm 6' 2", 250 lbs, and I ski at a decent pace. I mainly ski blacks, and would call myself an advanced skier. I usually ski on the east coast, but I sometimes am lucky enough to go out west, mostly to Jackson Hole and Alta. My feet are size 13's, and with-wise they are roughly E's. I have slightly low arches, and am a bit of a pronator. I'm also a bit bowlegged, and have fairly large calves.


Now, going back to what I said in the beginning, I ended up in rentals at the recommendation of a bootfitter up in Jackson Hole. The old boots had given me a ton of arch pain, that often forced me to have to take off my boots every other run. He basically said that it wasn't worth trying to pack out my boots any more, and then threw me into a pair of Atomic LF 90's, which were much better, although they could've been a bit stiffer. As for why it wasn't worth fitting more, I would guess it was because they had already been backed out and fitted, though, according to the guy, the shell itself was too narrow for me.


So now that I'm looking forward to a new season, I'm in the market for a new pair of ski boots, which I hope will be a bit better on my arches.

Any suggestions?

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Usually we say we can't really help since we can't see your feet but knowing you are a width in the "Es" easily eliminates many boots.  Every company makes wide boots, but I'm thinking your boots were probably wide.  No one would try to cram you into a 98 mm.  From Head you could try Edges, but with your pronation it is more possible you simply need a good fitter.  You ski Alta and Steve Bagley is right next door in Snowbird on the plaza.  Find Steve and he'll get you fixed up.



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At your height and weight and skill level you need to be in at least a 120 or above flex boot.


You probably need a custom foot bed (to control pronation)


large calves---you need an upright boot (less forward lean) 


Most of all (I agree with Lou) You need a qualified boot fitter, more than anything else.


Good luck



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Thanks for all the help. At least now I know what to look for. Also, can anyone recommend me a good place to get fitted in NY?

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