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What Skis to Buy

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I am a level 2 CSIA ski instructor who is going to go for my level 3 this winter and i am struggling with the decision on what ski to buy.

I am female and weigh about 60kg and an 5ft8" an quite an aggressive skier for my size.  I am also about to move into a lange boot with a flex of 110.

I currently ski a set of Nordica Victory's in a 163cm which are all mountain and i love but are starting to have seen better day and have many a season under there belt.


So i have been looking for a pieste ski something with a waist around the 71/72 and come up with:

Head SuperShape Magnumes

Rossignol Attraxion 6 Echo




Has anyone skied any of these skis? An can offer any light on the matter?

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I'm not sure what you need but I suspect it will be a frontside carver.  Check this thread out; it was a very, very thorough review of new skis offered this year.



Also, if you are interested in a specifically woman's point of view, put up a post over at TheSkiDiva.  They aren't usually as technical over there as here, but the advice assumes you're a woman instead of a burly guy in terms of weight.



Best of luck on your Level 3 skiing exam!

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