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Looking for info on snowshoes

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I'm a snowboarder so skinning is not an option.  I'd like to do a lot of back country riding now that I have avvy gear and am taking avvy course as well.  What should I look for in snowshoes?  Can I get snowshoes that will work with my snowboarding boots?  I have big feet, wearing a mens 11 boot currently if that matters.

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What do you mean skinning is not an option?  You've heard of splitboards right? 


You can find snowshoes that work with your snowboard boots.  Pretty much all of them do.  That said snowshoes do not give you the freedom or ability to tour like a splitboard will.  Look for something with an aggressive cleat pattern.  MSR Lightning Ascents were some of the best in that regard.  Not sure if they are still made or not.  The second you do some serious side hilling you'll see why.  You will be marginally better on snowshoes than if you just post holed around. 


Yes splits can be expensive.  You can find good deals for them on Craigslist and on  If you are going to do a lot of human powered bc riding, the splitboard is the only way to go.

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Get a second snowboard.


Good as back up, using both you have snowshoes.  ROTF.gif


Sorry, couldn't resist wink.gif

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