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atominc smartzone

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hi iam new to skiing and was given some smartzone second hand skis. i am 5'6 and about 130 and they are 160 so not too long im worried they are too fast for me thought, any thoughts. I am pretty athletic. janet

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 Hi Janet, welcome to Epic!

 I think this ski is around ten years old, not that old gear can't work for you just I'm having to dredge my brain!!! From what I recall this was designed for freeskiers but not neccessarily for the park as it should do all mountain, however it might, as a total novice be one to put on the back burner for now as it could take you for a ride!


 There are some wikis about buying skis at the top of the forum, they are worthwhile reading.


 If you were a friend of mine looking to ski for the first time I would advise you to sign up for some group lessons to begin with, often you can get a good deal on renting in conjunction with the lessons (some mountains don't charge any extra) this an inexpensive way to get to know what will work for you and also find out what you enjoy before throwing too much money at the sport.


 After you have a little experience and know your going to stick at it, I would then set about buying boots, oddly perhaps boots will be THE most important thing you own!! Hard to believe? If your boots don't fit not only will you be uncomfortable and probably cold, you will also be more likely to injure yourself and less able to control your skis.


 If you take a look at the boot guy forum you will see wikis for finding a bootfitter and what to look for in a boot. It's worth renting to begin with as most of us manage to buy boots too big unless we know what we need to look out for. As a rough guide, when you rent boots you should ask for your usual shoe size, when you try the boot on it should feel like a firm handshake, you should be able to wiggle your toes but your heel should stay put and not lift up if you try to stand on tip toe!


 When you rent your beginner skis the shop will steer you in the right direction, I think my beginner skis were K2 first luv but it depends which mountain you are on as to which skis you will be offered.


 Where will you be skiing? Have you checked out their beginner ski programs? Do let us know what you decide and how you get on.


 Just in case you decide to go ahead and use the smartzones regardless, if you do nothing else, please take them to a ski shop and get the bindings checked out and the DIN settings done by a ski tech, if these skis were not stored correctly the spring in the binding may have seized and won't work for you, DIN is to do with when the binding will release, it is a safety feature to stop you destroying your knee when you fall. (you will fall, we all fall!)


 I hope you have fun this winter, Lily x

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Hi lily, many thanks for your kind response, i have already had one lesson the instructor suggested i go play some more on the slope and build my confidence and then come to do another lesson, she wanted me to practice turns and stopping. 

i am a little worried they may go too fast for me too, i have the option of giving them to my husband and shopping for some i think i may do this. he is a little taller and a very experienced skier so maybe that will be better and ill wait until i am better before i try them. 

i did plan to get them fitted properly, thank you i worried about that too.

I'm excited i really enjoyed my last few days, i was at mount Washington and we will be going to cypress bowl in December. i only tried it as my boys wanted to and they loved it too, a great new family interest!


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 Skiing is such a great family bonding experience, I introduced my other half to skiing and it cemented our relationship, I think he is more obsessed than I these days! Although he has crossed to the dark side recently and is just as obsessed by armoured underwear now he boards!!

 I think you have made the right choice re renting some skis for the time being, you learn so quickly in the beginning so it works out economically too. Have fun x

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