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Skin width for 4FRNT EHP 186?

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I'm new to backcounty skiing and I'm not sure what size of skins I should get. Hopefully I'm not asking a question that's been answered before; I have been unable to find any clear answer to my questions.


I have 4FRNT EHP skis, which are 129-116-123. I'm buying skins for them right now and the two options for me are G3 skins in 115mm and 130mm. Since they don't have much sidecut to them, I am wondering if the 115mm would be better since they wouldn't need to be cut. Or would it be better to just get the 130mm to have maximum converage?


Thanks :)

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the 115 would probably do. You don't need wall to wall coverage, especially on rockered skis. It might be just a bit of a problem for spring skinning when it is icy and you really want grip on the edge of your skis. However, the 115 will probably give this grip as it will be closed to the walls at the waist.

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I usually suggest that people get skins closest to the width of the skis tail - in this case I'd say the 130s. You can skin with narrower, but wider skins give you better traction and more versatility. That may not matter, depending on how or where you skin, but narrower skins can hold you back more than wider ones would.

And it isn't that hard to trim skins. biggrin.gif
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I used 120mm skins on my EHP's and they work great..

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