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Awful lot of tendency towards reinterpretation of the original question here.  He says he wants X but what he really would want if he wasn't a total newb with a wallet and what's best for him is Y.  Just shut up with that.  It's such ivory tower bullshit.

I have a set of 177 Mantras and absolutely adore them.  I am 6' 205 pounds and i dunno advanced/expert skier whatever you want to call it.  25 years experience if that matters to you. 

The Mantras are not the unforgiving rigid planks that they seem to get characterized as.  And perhaps that might be a bias that has carried on from the pre-2012 versions that did have a stiffer tail section.  I don't know.  If you're interested in a lot of off-piste out of bounds sort of skiing, I don't think the Mantra is the best place to look for that.  I think they are best suited to fairly heavy skiers that have a tendency towards preferring racing skis but want more width to add versatility and a little bit more flex so they aren't a total chore to ride for a full day.  I chose them over a couple other options I had an opportunity to demo (Volkl RTM 80-something, Line 98 and a K2 I don't remember the model), because for me the number one most critical performance factor is ability to perform in hard/icy conditions.  That's the top of the list.  The bottom of the list, for me, is moguls.  And in my experience last season, Mantra performed fine on moguls anyway but I suppose if I were to cite a weakness it would be that.  They are excellent on groomers at speed; generally faster you go the better they feel.  They are also excellent in in-bounds backbowl conditions with hard crud and decent in powder.  I don't recommend them for tight technical off-piste with a lot of rocks and trees and such.

So my advice?  Call up local ski resort and ask when they will be holding demo days.  Go.  Try as many pairs as you can.  See what works.  Develop a better idea of your preference.  Don't trust salespeople, don't trust articles, and absolutely do not trust forum posts (including this one).  biggrin.gif 

Like Alex said, welcome to Epic. The thread you bumped was over 7 months old, so I am imagining that I was was pretty well buried and (hopefully) the OP has made a decision by now. Just out of curiosity, why bump THIS fhread when there have been many more discussions on the Mantra and Bonafide since? As far as demoing, it can have its place but when you are demoing you are demoing primarily two things, the tune of the ski and the conditions that you are skiing on. There is information to be gotten, but demoing is not the end all. You dismissing sales people and forum posts as not helpful is about as accurate as me dismissing all demo options.
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yeah to strong in the legs skier...who is willing to steer a ski from time to time a 185cm Cochise is not that hard to handle on hardpack......

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