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Easter Monday Exercise...

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So, it was an off-season sport. It was also a bit of fitness. It also involved 2 bears, so could be classified as a gathering...
Met up with Bob the Builder, and a couple of other friends this morning for a bike ride (road bike, not mountain).
We set off and, after about 17 miles, Bob's wife phoned. We decided to take a break, which is when I met HER. She had a beautiful dark body, and a lovely blonde head. She went down really nice too, and not too expensive. So, if you're ever in Granborough, call in at the Crown, and you might be able to get your hands on one as good as mine.
After the beer break, we set off again. 6 miles later we arrived at Claydon House, where a few of our friends were waiting on the lawns. We had a picnic lunch consisting of various bits of food and some fine red and white wines.

The return journey was a bit quicker, and we took a few short cuts along country lanes.

So, after 45 miles of cycling, I'm exhausted, my arse is killing me, and I'm going to bed early.

Anyone else have as good a day as me?

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I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to his beer with quite that degree of affection. You may have a a serious problem, or maybe you're Irish?

Sure beats my Monday at work!
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